Back pack, rucksack, hard case and soft-case recommendations

I’ve got the 200. Awesome bit of kit. Love it

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Just bought this a few days ago, and same as you found it to be just what I needed. Thanks for the recommendation.


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I use a Lowepro 150 and find that a Mavic air 2s and a mini 2, with everything that goes with them,
fits just right.

Seeing as in the game, briefcase they fly as straight as a drone can, I think it is very apt.

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.I use a Lowepro BP 300 AW backpack, it fits all my DJI mini 3 equipment plus a Canon mirror less camera, flashgun and two extra lens. Also mini 3 30W charger , camera battery charger , sunglasses , cables extra props, essentially all I need for a days flying, see image, cheers Len

I have the slightly larger BP450 AW and have to say that although it was a little pricey it’s worth it. Build quality and stiching is excellent. I carry more than I should in it weight wise, so far I have managed two DSLRs, 6 lenses, mini2 with 3 batteries, power bank, small flash, various filters for all lenses, and lunch