Can anyone recommend a good FPV backpack :school_satchel: as the camera bag im using it getting a tad to small…

I have one of these:

Absolutely awesome backpack fits all my gear and more :ok_hand:t2: :+1:t2:


Just be aware that it holds that much stuff it weighs a ton.
Saying that I’m quite happy chucking it into my car and not worrying that something is going to get damaged its that well made.

At the opposite end of the spectrum to the lovely looking Torvol stuff, I have one of these military-style things

They can be had for about £25 off Amazon. Loads of sections, tough as boots and the loops on the outside are dead handy for attaching a couple of quads (or anything else you want) with some velcro battery straps.

It’s pretty huge and will carry everything you need for a big session - I want to get another but a smaller version for the days when I’m just nipping out with a single quad or plane and a couple of batteries and don’t need all the space

I also need to look into a compact controller for those lightweight sessions, but that’s another thread…


I just use one of these…

But I also picked up a second hand one of these which is nice for just the basics. It’s great that it opens up to be a work area. Very clever. I can understand from this why the Torvol stuff is highly regarded.


For FPV I’d have thought you need a bag that’s larger with a few compartments on the way to the flying site, but a lot smaller with lots more smaller compartments for the journey home?



I use a totally waterproof “overboard” bag✅ and I use the bags my drones come in inside the “overboard” for protection👍

The "overboard is a sealed sack type bag with a rolled top and is what I would call a basic rucksack is no padding, no mesh to prevent sweat build up next to your back😮but it is waterproof!

One main opening at the top, 2 small side mesh pockets, a front zipped mesh pocket and reflective strips either side of the pocket. It has a waist band and 2 padded shoulder straps, and I regularly use mine when I’m out doing fitness😉

Just a good bag and very hard wearing, mine is 6 years old​:+1::wink::sunglasses:

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