Banksy Drone Vandals

Just read on BBC News that during his East Coast tour, some locals had downed Banksy’s (the artist) drone with a fishing net. The people claiming this were saying it as if it deserved applause. Do you think they should be prosecuted for criminal damage?


I saw that… over the model village. Interesting story behind it too, with the diversionary tactics to get Banksy on site, un-noticed, whilst he swapped out one of the model village buildings.

But still, you don’t go pulling drones out of the air with a large fishing net.

Cheers - Rob

This is obvious to me… yes, prosecute.


And the vandal ?

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What vandal? I didn’t see any vandal!

The dude with the paint, genius or vandal ?


Aaah… yes… that is the question… it is open to the interpretation of the viewer IMO.

Banksy… urban street artist… or someone committing criminal damage?

See what I mean :slight_smile:

Go on then, I’ll take the bait :blush:

If I rocked up at my local corner shop and started spraying paint on their gable wall I’d be charged with criminal damage.

What is there to interpret? :thinking: :man_shrugging:t2:


Quiet day in the farming game ?


Ground’s too dry in a lot of places still :confused:

That’s because he was more than 500m away :grimacing: :rofl: :running_man:t2:

Out of interest, has anyone see any video footage of the drone being captured by a fishing net? Got any links to share?

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I was meaning the person with the net. The other point of view has been posted on the “Art Arrows” site.

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I see the proof of the tagger chap, but none of the drone incident.

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So you would consider Banksy a criminal rather than a celebrated artist?

Just trying to understand…

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Celebrated vandal. #simple


He can graffiti my place anytime, imagine the increase in value :slight_smile:

Still a vandal! :wink:

Your moral barometer out of kilter again Paul ?

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The person with the net that snagged the drone should be charged IMO… people might not like a drone flying over their property and regardless of whether it is being flown legally or not, people cannot take the law into their own hands like that without consequences.

Banksy… a vandal?





a person who deliberately destroys or damages property belonging to others.

We all know that any wall with a Banksy on it is worth a small fortune so by the definition of “vandal”, that is someone who “destroys or damages property”, is not destroyed or damaged… it is improved… so I do not see how Banksy can be considered a vandal.


I can’t find anything about a drone being captured by a net :confused:

You’d imagine someone caught it on video :person_shrugging:t2:

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