Best/Cheap 7/8 inch tablet for flying?

Hi all

I’ve just picked up a 2nd hand DJI Phantom 3 Pro and I had a spare Samsung Tab A I thought I would use, however it is crap and obviously far too old, pity.

Any ideas on a cheap one to get, happy to look for 2nd hand but I don’t want to break the bank, as just back from a holiday as well :slight_smile:

My phone (Huawei mate 10 pro) works perfectly but bigger is obviously better

I’m from Middlesbrough and I wish this rain would stop so I can go get a flight in!!!


Have you looked at the mini I pad 4, works well with my Mavic Air.

Hi @MarkR if it’s an Android tablet you’re after, someone else started another thread on this very subject just three days ago, you may find some suggestions in here:

Try a few searches too, this is one of the most frequently asked questions:


thanks for this… not a clue why I posted before I did a search… I guess it was an excitement thing and just want to go get flying :smiley:

Just bought a 2nd hand from amazon warehouse “Huawei MediaPad T3 7”
Should do the business… I hope.

Rain has stopped and just home and it is obviously dark… 100% flying Saturday morning!