Bloody weather! ... and flyability

I took the bird out yesterday above the Solent…Great conditions but bloody cold… :cold_face: :cold_face: :cold_face: :cold_face: :cold_face: :cold_face: :cold_face:


On my way too London & its ummmm freezing :cold_face:

Drove through Fort Myers beach yesterday.

It was like being in a war zone.

This is over 3 months since Hurricane Ian

Boats are still in trees, sand is everywhere. Beds are still visible from properties.

It is still a big mess.

Trees are down, rubbish is in trees. Larger buildings are boarded up. Many lots are empty, houses gone.

An abandoned B&B says no vacancies. The gas station is no more.

Very surreal driving through. People have purchased or hired big winnebagos and sit on their chairs looking at the sea - their house has gone.

Elsewhere there are still piles of rubbish waiting to be collected including sofas, washing machines and more. Their lives are on display.

Just outside the island there is a stretch half a mile long and two storeys high of rubbish. This is being added to all the time.

I was going to launch the drone, yet it didn’t seem right. These were people’s lives that had been ripped apart.

I think this memory will live with me for the rest of my life, but it does show what mother nature can do!

I feel for those affected.


Here in the UK are very lucky not to have weather like that… :fearful:

I can’t imagine what they are going through, nor seeing the devastation first hand.

Sadly, the worst is yet to come :pensive: I certainly would think twice about rebuilding my home there.

The rise in sea level is making the odds of a South Florida flood reaching more than 4 feet above high tide, by 2050, on par with the odds of losing at Russian roulette. More than half the population of more than 100 Florida towns and cities lives on land below that 4-foot line.

The water level is much higher in a lot of areas.

We noticed this in the various lakes etc.

One lake was overflowing into a play area on one location.

I am not sure if this was storm related or a general rising.

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Amazing flying conditions down by the Solent this afternoon… 9mph wind and a perfect sunset to finish with…


Golly gosh!

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My first thought was:

It feels tatoes down here :cold_face::cold_face::cold_face:

Down here on Fraggle Rock we’ve been blessed with NO wind for 5 days ? It’s almost unknown so far I’ve managed 4 long sessions with the M3 & I have another window tomorrow last one before I go back to work :unamused:

Omg you still in the -° atm we have been hitting 10° all week. :joy:

General central southern UK temperature forecast from 19 different weather models.

… and drones to fall from the sky with iced up props.

To cold to pee!

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Hopefully it kill the shitty bugs there breeding and bringing over here on planes :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

7° tonight and feels great less heating and no fires lit :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:


Not going off topic @ziceman , I’ve been un well with the crap that has been going around, I know many others too, I’ve had it I’m not sure what it is, since Christmas, feels like I’ve eaten glass etc, my mate had it for 2 months, my doctor told me it’s going to take a few more weeks for it too go, or warm weather :scream: feel awful, then you feel better then it comes back, Covid didn’t feel this bad :cold_face:

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