Blue thunder mode

Do you think DJI should have a Blue Thunder mode?

I made my own Blue Thunder rocket launchers :smiley:

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What the hell are those Ritch? Look like Cigars lol

Cigars? :rofl:

They’re these mate:

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Looked like you had a couple of Montecristo taped to it lol.

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Probably work as well …. but way more expensive! :stuck_out_tongue:

Good for creating #007 smokescreens when the Drone Police are after you, though! :+1:



I wonder if that’s where Steve Fisher got the idea to invent Getterbacks? :rofl:

That’s his real name by the way. The man that invented fishing rod recovery devices is called Steve Fisher :neutral_face:

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Ok we went of track a bit
I meant blue thunder

Not to be confused with Blue Nun