Breaking the speed limit - How fast is your drone? Find out on our leaderboard!

Just seen the leader board and for a Mini 4 Pro I realised I toped this a few days ago practising in sports mode.
As you can see I was just going back and forward getting the hang of using Sport.

Here is the Airdata log.
Jan 17th, 2024 04:20PM | General / Overview | DJI Fly log 1.12.4 | United Kingdom | Airdata UAV

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Congrats Rich, this earns you the Speed Freak badge :clap:

Leaderboard updated :+1:

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Hi everyone, I broke the record of top speed recorded on a parrot bebop 2 right?

By the way I thought I’d mention, it’s not modified it’s factory propellers and motors with no form of tuning to it, just good wind conditions.

@AquaticJedi re:

As above, can you upload the log to AirData please and share here? :smiley:

Flight log? Like the GPS of where it went on that flight? Those statistics are classed as the flight log on the app :joy:

Yup, that’s the one you need to provide :smiley:

You can upload the log manually to AirData, or use the auto-sync method:

Once it’s on AirData, hit the Share button and then post the link to the share in here :smiley:

Huh, that might be a problem :sweat_smile: I conducted this test from my house and the GPS literally says exactly where my house is​:rofl: there are a lot of dodgy people that know my username Aquatic Jedi and the last thing I want is one of them searching my username and finding that :sweat_smile:

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Sounds like my record still stands then :smirk:


PM/DM the link to @PingSpike to confirm?

I’ve just googled AquaticJedi, the results read like a dodgy pornstar name :rofl:

Nah, I’ve already got a flight scheduled at the ivinghoe beacon in 3 days and the winds are ideal there for speed :joy:


Good luck :+1:t2:

Thank you. We’ll see what results come back

Quite surprised to see my mini 4 top 35mph thought not enough to get on the leaderboard