Broken Mini2

Had a party on Saturday for my daughters birthday. Put the drone up and got some pictures/video of the day. Put the drone away on top of windowsill but not in the case which was a mistake. There it sat until late last night when I decided I better pack it up before it gets damaged. Was pretty horrified when I saw it.

No other damage, no scrapes, no scratches, nothing. And of course nobody has volunteered any info or offered an apology :roll_eyes:



Repairable yourself Darren?

Or time to use the GADC Drone Doctor discount?

I could probably repair it, it looks like it’s just the mounting bracket. Although the camera does apper to be working I don’t know what other damage is done? I still have 12 days of care refresh left so I think it’s worthwhile sending it away to the Netherlands for another holiday.


Looks like it needs a whole new gimble assembly. I’ve just paid the £55 to DJI and boxed it up. Waiting on the email with shipping label.


Probably somebody feeling very guilty and not knowing how to admit they did it by mistake.

Probably picked it up and dropped it.

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We had around 50 guests, quite a few of them (young and old) wanted to play with it. I had to decline as the airport only gave me permission to fly in a half hour window, plus nobody else had flyer ID’s so I had a valid excuse. I’ll never find out who done the damage but it’s pretty annoying that they didn’t have the bottle to let me know, especially as I know all of them. I take some of the blame for leaving it out of course. I really should have packed it up as soon as I was finished with it. It’s the first time I haven’t so lesson learned.
She’s all packed up, busy printing the UPS labels as I type so I’ll be getting a refurbed unit back in the next few weeks. Hopefuly it wont have the latest firmware on it though!!!

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If you have to register/activate it don’t DJI force it to the latest ;o(

Do I HAVE to register/activate it? I really don’t want forced firmware that can’t be rolled back.
My care refresh will be out by the time I recieve it and I wont be renewing it, as good as the care refresh has been I think there are better alternatives out there, so I shouldn’t have any need to

I’m pretty sure if you want to fly it more that arms distance away from you then you do ;o(

Back in the day, NLD used to be able to activate DJI drones.

Kinda lost touch with the modding scene this year, can DH activate DJI drones without needing an internet connection these days?

Don’t connect it to the fly app

Use Dronehacks first to check the firmware version

To be honest, if it’s above 01.04.0000 you are screwed

I can’t see a new/refurb being supplied with older firmware but I could be wrong

If it is on 01.03.0500 or lower you are ok and before connecting the fly app turn off the auto firmware update and you should be ok

Sorry for your loss.

Years ago I used to do an annual BBQ in June and invite tons of friends and family over. I’d pay for all the food drinks, everything, all they had to do was show up.

Every year something would get broke without someone telling me. The frustration as you found out was not knowing it was broke until you went to use it. The final straw was when I took a camping chair with me to Silverstone shortly after the party to get all the way to my destination to find the chair was broken. Obviously Impossible to replace there and meant I had to lug around a broken chair and remain on my feet the whole time.

That was the end of the summer BBQs and when people ask why I no longer do them, I just tell them that it’s because people can’t be honest when they break stuff. I don’t need money to replace it, I just need to know it’s broke before I next go to use it.

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Wouldn’t it depend how long it’s been sitting about on the shelf so to speak , reason I say this as last year when dji replaced my drone it had on it FW wise one of the first firmwares they done but that was for the MA2 , I’m no expert but I would of thought it would depend on when it was built , do they fire them up and load the latest FW before they go out the door ,? Educated guess I wouldn’t have thought so but just a guess .


Some are shipped with a service firmware on

(Gen 1 firmware after DJI Service, not to be flashed manually!)

Ah ok , I was meant to say that came in a new box sealed and it was new not refurb and the build was April 2020 which or that’s the date on the box , they did send me a refurb prior to that which I sent back as it was more different colour greys than a Dulux paint chart !

Edit : I rared up as it looked crap :roll_eyes:
Edit : and on returning I sent the whole fly more kit back so it was new everything .

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Fingers :crossed_fingers:
Im sure the first time I used care refresh the “new” unit had older firmware in it. Im positive I upgraded the firmware on arrival? But that was almost a year ago, and I have destroyed many brain cells since so my memory is a little foggy

I’ve had to upgrade a Mini 2 and a Mini 3 that they sent me. I don’t hack mine so…

Although the Mini 3 wouldn’t even take off without upgrading the firmware first, but I think was the case for pretty much any that was shipped with less than day 0 official firmware on it.

Different gravy but they sent me a pair of goggles that I had to update to activate :frowning:

Thats her boxed up and dropped off at UPS collection point. Just have to wait on her coming back home to find out that they’ve filled her with their crappy firmware!!!