CAA registration exemptions

I don’t think I’ve seen these linked here, so I thought it might be handy to have them linked from one post. These are various time-limited exemptions from the CAA drone registration requirements starting on 5th November:

E4913: exemption from registration as operator and pilot for control-line aircraft, until 30 June 2020

E4953: exemption from registration as operator for members of BMFA, FPV UK, SAA, ARPAS-UK and LMA, until 31 January 2020

E4954: exemption from pilot competency test for members of BMFA, SAA and LMA holding relevant test passes, until 30 June 2020

E4956: exemption from pilot competency test for pilots operating in accordance with a CAA PfCO or equivalent, until 30 June 2020

E4957: exemption from pilot competency test for members of FPV UK holding ‘A’ certificate test pass, until 30 June 2020

Two important things to note:

  1. Several of these exemptions are only valid if you print it off and have it with you when you fly/

  2. The PfCO exemption only applies while flying in accordance with your CAA permission i.e. a PfCO holder flying recreationally outside the bounds of their ops manual would not be exempt and would still need to have completed the competency test.

Also note the significance of the date 30 June 2020, as this is when the EASA regulations are due to come in and change everything anyway.


FPV UK ‘A’ certificate?

Is it a misprint?

I hold a BMFA ‘A’ helicopter certificate and as far as I know the BMFA are the only organisation that has ever had such a scheme which is now being acknowledged by the CAA.

Not a misprint.

Mentions of a ‘B’ cert too, but the link doesn’t work.


More info:


It’s not the same as the one I took with the BMFA which required flying preset manoeuvres and answering questions after the flight test.

As I understand it the BMFA will be presenting an online multiple choice test for its members, whom are not A or B certified, equivalent to the FPVUK A and CAA multiple choice tick tests.



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