CAA registration preview

Can’t decide if I want to bother trying this out if I’m not allowed to talk about it.

We are emailing you because over the last few months you signalled that you would be keen to provide support and feedback on the upcoming Drone & Model Aircraft Education & Registration service.

As a reminder, the service will require any pilot or operator of unmanned aircraft over 250g to register with the CAA.

The service is due to go live on October 1stthis year, but in advance of this, we have been testing out the service continuously with users- using their feedback to feed improvements in to the service.

Having completed this testing with smaller groups, we are now keen to provide you with the opportunity to test the service in the comfort of your own home!

If you are still interested, we would love to be able to provide you with an opportunity to try out how the service will look & feel and provide feedback to us on any area’s that could use another look.

The process for the trial will run as follows:

  1. We will ask you to sign the attached non-disclosure form stating you won’t publicise any of the unreleased info about the service

  2. This is as we are still likely to make lots of changes before October 1st– and want to make sure that there isn’t any conflicting information about the service in the public

  3. If you are keen please sign it and send this back to me via email (scanned/photo copy is fine)

  4. We will then give you access to the service- you will be able to go through and undertake registration in your own time

  5. We will then ask you to provide feedback using an online form

  6. If possible, we would also be keen for a follow up call or face to face meeting to chat through your thoughts on the service

This is still just a trial of the service- so whilst it will appear like a real service it won’t take any real payment, and won’t give out any real ideas.

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Hi @colinbm,
Personally I would go with it so they have drone operators views on it rather than just policy makers.
Sucks that there is a nda on it.


I’m doing for the reasons above.
So I can give feedback and not just be sucked into a system that may or may not work.


I don’t know how many GADC members received these invites but as stated, it’s for these very reasons that you should partake.



NDA returned so :zipper_mouth_face: from here on.

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They can’t read DMs :wink:


Although not much can be said, it’d be good to get an idea of how many GADC members are on this test programme…


Scratch that - you’re all invited to the beta test now :rofl:

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Ha - hadn’t realised it was the same thing. :slight_smile:

Was contacted by CAA, 2 weeks ago, already done the business !.

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Go on , you know you want too?

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In and sent

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Done, what did everyone get on the test?
I only got 18 (the last 2 where wrong😣)

20/20 :smiley: - spotted one trick question.

Answering “Yes please!” to the question “Sex?” was the trick question?

Ha - did notice it was free-text - I wonder if they got any comedy responses. :slight_smile:

20/20 pity my eye sight isn’t.

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Seems like we may have dodged a bullet?