Invitation to beta test the upcoming CAA Drone Registration Service

You may recall that back in January we were pleased to announce a collaborative agreement between GADC and CAA around their upcoming drone registration service.

Today we are pleased to further announce that in partnership with @CAA_User_Research you, the Grey Arrows Drone Club Members are now invited to beta-test the proposed online registration service which will require any pilot or operator of unmanned aircraft over 250g to register with the CAA later this year.

If you wish to take part you will need to download, print, sign, scan and return via email, the attached non-disclosure agreement (NDA) stating that you will not publicise or discuss any of the unreleased information about the service.

This is not simply an opportunity for you to have a sneak-peak at the forthcoming service.

This is an opportunity for you to help shape the service for all other drone operators in the UK. Those taking part in the beta test are required to provide feedback to CAA directly (the details of which will be sent to you in due course).

It is a serious commitment. You will be entering a legal agreement.

Any GADC members found to be in breach of the NDA by discussing unpublicised details of the service either here or on any other platforms (eg. Social Media) will be reported to CAA and will have their GADC membership withdrawn immediately.

If you wish to take part please download the attached form and return it directly to

Download NDA:

CAA Disclosure Form Research Remote Viewing v2.docx (543.1 KB)


do we have to print sign and scan the document back to you? or is filling in a digital copy ok?

It’ll need a hand-written signature James.

Please don’t send it to us either :blush:

Hand written signature eh? Nice to know we’re living in the 21st century



Will some form of “Sign It” software do?


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I printed mine, signed it, scanned it, sent it straight back within 5 minutes.
Not exactly “Land on the Moon” science !.

Will sort it tomorrow…

Done. Be interesting to see if they actually read the feedback.

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Done mine, forgot the ticks first time,so ticked scanned it again and sent it off, so lets see what happens next. Yeah it’s not rocket science.

Oh well that’s me fooked! I have had no need for a printer for years, can’t remember the last time I needed to print anything as digital signatures are acceptable for most things these days.


That’s going to knacker them before they even start. Bet there’s a lot like you Paul🤔

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I think it’s only needed for the beta testing

‘Signed’ mine in Acrobat yesterday and sent it in as a pdf. They accepted it fine.


Signed mine in Word and just put a dash in the tick boxes, no need for a printer.
Went through no problem


All completed including my feedback .


Printed, signed scanned and sent - we may as well get involved to help fine-tune for the masses… a bit of a shame we done get the first year free for taking part


If you have a scan of your signature you can sign it with various bits of software… on a Mac, Preview will do it. Look for “Annotate”

Edit: can also do on iOS.