Camera not working on my s8 with the djigo 4 app

Hi all does anyone know why the camera from the mavic is not working on my s8 fone in the dji go 4 app the camera works on my goggles but not on my s8 fone never had this before i believe theres a new djigo 4 app but its not in the play store as yet is this why camera not working on my s8 any help please wud be appreciated iv uninstalled the go 4 app and reinstall it but still the same please help thanks

Is this the same issue as your Disconnected thread mate?

Ye i put it in 2 places just so i cud get a quick responce but it didnt happen i thought my mavic was broken but after calming down i noticed my dji 4 go app was not connecting with my mavic pro like i sed before i sorted it it must of been a glich or sumthing lol

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