Can I fly at Lincoln Cathedral?

Hi : been looking at drone assist to see if it ok to fly near Lincoln cathedral… with a Mavic Mini pro 3
Now … as far as I know it not in FRZ but RAF scampton and waddington not to far … but notice there a blue kind of circle around Lincoln site , which looks like a coronation fly past practice… so not sure if ok to fly or not … need some help please. Thank you. Steve .

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The huge blue zone is advance warning of the Coronation stuff happening. It’s not active yet, so can be ignored at the moment (it’s active in 2 days time)

The red circle (as far as I am aware) is a warning that there may be active restrictions. I believe that for it to actually be active, they have to establish a NOTAM to cover it.

I’m not an expert… hopefully someone else can chip in

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I know @john768 has flown there via these images.

Do they not have a forum for help with their (inferior) app?

Try our very own DroneScene, with perfect explanations of what all the ‘kind of circles’ mean


yes you can fly around lincoln catherdal, i have done, bestt to ring scampton and ask if its ok as there are flight times in place so they can tell you what time /day is best :slight_smile: but that coronation is for the king in the next few weeks so yea :slight_smile: its a great fly around :slight_smile:

This may help.
Basically you look at Drone Assist and click on the airspace you want to fly in.

and then check the right hand panel and get the EGR number, in this case EGR313. Then refer to the table in the PDF below and see what you can and can’t do.

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The map in your link is out of date, you’re better looking at the original, available here…

Or in list format here…

The Cathedral is in Scamptons Air Restriction Zone (not FRZ) but you should get permission from Scampton. When I contacted Scampton I was told their ATC has transferred to RAF Waddington ATC. Waddington said most weekends are ok but check with them before you fly. I have relations in Lincoln but not yet had the time to put it to the test.

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Cathedral is in Scamptons Air Restriction

So do I ring RAF scampton or waddington for info
Or both .

Steve .

Maybe Waddington first based on @D0c.Col post above.

They will soon tell you if you need to call elsewhere.

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ring scampton, you can fly duringthe week, at certain times there more than happy to let you fly :slight_smile:

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@Tooting37 I would of rung Scampton first Steve but they closed formally in March 23 and if there is anyone there they will more than likely tell you what they told me months ago that Waddington has taken over but You’ll know for sure.

For info, and according to the council Scampton’s airfield is to remain an operational airfield as part of a plan to regenerate the 800 acre site.

Edit: As I intend to fly in Lincoln myself soon I contacted Waddington today who confirmed they control the airspace over the Cathedral and you should contact them before you fly. They said 10 mins before would suffice but I’d ring them before you go. You could of course just fly as many do without authorisation but you would be at risk. The ATC number at Waddington is 01522 727451 (not the number in DS as that puts you through to Ops who will give you the number above. :+1:

Thank you. For the info :+1: hoping to go between the banks holidays on a fine windless day.
( DJI Mavic Mini 3 Pro )

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Let us know how you got on and where you TOAL… if it goes okay :+1: :rofl:

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TOAL : looking at temple gardens close by… that if I can get a clear view due now leafy trees :evergreen_tree:
( Google Earth )

Good luck! :+1:

Apologies if a stupid question, as not yet had any experience in flying in restricted zones etc.

So, if you get permission from Waddington to fly at a certain time, does the drone software still not allow it to take off anyway as a no fly zone?

As I said, apologies if a stupid question or already been covered!

Which make and model drone, Mike @Bossy ?

Well I’ve currently got with me my Air 3, but next time I’m up, I can bring my Mini 3 Pro

I can’t think of a place with more restrictions :man_facepalming:t2:

You’ve got Waddington and Scampton overlapping here @Bossy

DJI will restrict you, it’s one of their orange “Enhanced Warning Zones”.

You’ll have to unlock it using the same method you’d unlock a blue DJI “Authorisation Zone”.