Can I fly in the danger area at Luce Bay, Scotland?

I have a trip to Scotland next week, I checked Drone Assist and I will be smack in the middle of a controlled zone. My question is…Has anyone flown in this zone before or have any contact numbers?

Using Drone Assist? Why not Drone Scene - it’s there on the GADC site menu!

West Freugh is the airfield in the centre of the ranges

MOD West Freugh

Operated by Qinetiq. Try email or phone 0800 015 0594


Jesus H…

Is there anything left in this country that we don’t outsource :pensive:

Thanks for the info, I do usually use Drone Scene but I was on my mobile and Drone assist is more convenient on my phone.

Do you have Drone Scene set as an icon on your home screen? it brings up the webpage very easily.

They couldn’t answer your query though :wink:

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Excuse my ignorance but are you required to phone or email to be granted permission to fly (case by case basis) or will they provide times and dates when flying will be allowed?

You will have to contact the site to find out how they want to play ir but in my experience with both civilian and military ATC they want proposed date(s) and timings, max altiude, radius of action etc. I have no knowledge of this particular site as I live on the south coast of England but the comtact details I gave came via Google search for the site

Also refers

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True, but neither could Drone Scene as they both give the same info… :slightly_frowning_face:

But you came here and got your answer ;o) The beauty of a community lead solution

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Indeed… :hugs:

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How do I create this shortcut to drone scene onto my IPhone please, cheers Len

Open Dronescene with Safari and select the share tab and then add to home screen

Cheers my friend, am not very tec minded at 80, followed your instructions and now have it on my Home Screen ,many thanks , Len

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There is always someone on here able to help, you can use the same procedure on other website’s also :wink:

@macspite Used the email contact you gave and got a quick positive response.


Gtreat stuff!! All I did was check the airfield name on Drone Scene and read the pop-up information for the danger zone then Googled (Duck Duck Go’ed) West Freugh.

There was a proposal from some idiot - me I think - to add air traffic control details to each airfield on the map. How many people would tuse the info is debatable. In our last Birthday Challenge one of the tasks was to photograph something interesting in a No Fly Zone. Only half the contestants bothered although they had seven weeks to get permission and take the shot.

I think it can be a bit of an intimidating prospect. The place I contacted is basically a jumped-up field, but if you’re wanting to fly near LHR or BHX I imagine it’s a bit more, “What, I need to talk to that international airport to ask if I can fly my toy in their space? Surely they’ll just tell me to naff off?” :grin:

If you said you wanted to fly for fun at the threshold of 27L at Heathrow they would probably say no. If you requested a flight to photograph the sailing boats on the Queen Mother Reservoir at a height of less than 50 feet they may be more sympathetic.

Heathrow and a further 19 airports are contacted via NATS: For any non-standard flight in controlled airspace you also need to contact them.

A Non-Standard Flight (NSF) is an aerial task that is wholly contained within Controlled Airspace and does not follow published routes or notified procedures.

  • Applications for NSFs should be made with a minimum of 21 days notice – Note applications in the Restricted Areas in London may take longer.For applications in the Restricted Areas please ensure you have sought permission/s from the relevant land owner, local authorities or other organisations impacted by the flight/task prior to submitting your application.Applications submitted less than 7 days in advance of the flight may not be processed.For all queries in relation to your application, please use the Contact us section on this page.Operators/pilots will also be able use the website to request flight of UAS (more commonly known as drones) in the following Flight Restriction Zones (FRZ):

    • Heathrow Airport
    • London City Airport
    • London Luton Airport
    • London Stansted Airport
    • Aberdeen Airport
    • Glasgow Airport
    • Belfast International Airport
    • Belfast City Airport
    • Manchester Airport>
    • Cardiff Airport
    • St. Athan Airport
    • Bristol Airport
    • Southampton Airport
    • Farnborough Airport
    • Woodvale Airport
    • Middle Wallop Airport
    • Barkston Heath Airport
    • London Heliport Battersea

This is the link Drone and Model Aircraft |

I’ve done it. It is an easy form to complete and replies tend to take less than the 21 days they stipulate.

And for airfields not on the list the web normally can, sometimes with a little digging, provide contact details.