Can I switch between Go4 & Litchi mid-flight?

What issues can this cause?

If I start with Go4 and record my home point through it and later switch to Litchi, what happens to the home point? Would Litchi change the home point when it is launched?

What I’m thinking of doing is, fly out to a location using Go4, switch to Litchi to take a pano (my FW & Go4 version doesn’t allow pano), switch back to Go4 and complete the flight.


The reason I’m not completing the whole flight using Litchi is because I have 0 hours flight time with it and will probably not have time to use it before this flight.

Your method would work, but why not just fly Litchi the whole time? :thinking:

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Thought of that just as I posted, edited my post as your were replying

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You’ll have no issues switching between apps.

Litchi won’t overwrite the homepoint (which is stored in the aircraft). Don’t forget, even if your app crashes and your RC disconnects the aircraft will still return to home. Well, provided that’s what you’ve set it to do upon a disconnect :wink:

The only time Litchi might cause a different effect is if you were running a mission as I think you then have options to control what happens after the missions ends, such as RTH, ‘do nothing’, etc. But that won’t affect you for a pano.

Looking forward to your results, I’ve never tried a pano in Litchi before!

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In ordinary fpv flight mode you won’t really notice much difference. So, just do it all in Litchi.

As Rich said, the home point is set at takeoff by the Mavic, and stored in it. So this isn’t an issue.

As I was sat by the sea earlier, I knew there was something I’d wanted to try … and now I remember what it was. Litchi Pano!
Never used Litchi for pano myself, yet.
Tomorrow! :+1:

Just tried to connect to Litchi, it wont even find my drone lol

OK - before switching on the Mavic, when you switch on the RC what happens? Does Go4 fire up automatically?


Android or iOS?


Go to the phones settings for apps, go to Go4, go to its “Open by Default” and clear that.

Then when you switch on the RC, you’ll be offered both Go4 and Litchi - with the option to Always use that the selected app, or Just Once.
Select the Just Once option!!

When switching, between apps … make sure you have totally closed the app you are leaving. Don’t leave it in background.

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You might be having this issue:

I’ll give that a go. I did try fully closing the Go4 app and having no other apps running, launched Litchi and it still wouldn’t connect

Because the default connection will have intercepted it and fired up (or tried to fire up) Go4.

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I don’t have the ‘open by default’ option. Closest thing to it is ‘autostart’ and that’s turned off. Next closest thing is ‘start in background’, this is turned on. Could this be it?

You should have this …

Then this …

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got it thanks. Now the question is, if Litchi wont see the drone if it’s not the first app to connect, how would it work mid flight after Go4?

If, when the RC is switched on, you’re not seeing these options, something isn’t correct.
(Ignoring my DH Basic)

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Or are you seeing that OK? Litchi and Go4, that is?

Yes I’ve managed to correct that issue with your advice.

I now have the option to chose that app when the phone is plugged in to the RC.

How does the switching of apps work mid flight? Especially if Litchi wont connect after you’ve used Go4?

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