Cannock Chase, West Midlands, week of 14/09/20

Continuing the discussion from Anyone up Cannock Chase this week?:

Anyone go up there recently or going this week please?

@WilloftheXbox when are you thinking of ?

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I’m new to all this so I would be interested to meet. When and where?

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how about this wednesday on the glacial boulder car park? what time would be suitable for you all?

I’m free all day to suit you…

Can’t do Wednesday, but available all of Friday (every Friday) and Mondays (every Monday)

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I now have a commitment late morning/lunchtime on Wednesday but free early or after 14.00. Can’t do after 15.00 on Thursday. Free on Friday so far.

I’m ok for Wednesday pm

how about friday at 5pm then?

That would suit me. How about the others?

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Ok by me 5pm Friday

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Are you available Friday 5pm too?

Great then well whoever wants to come as long as we are no more than 6 then it’s all good. See you Friday I drive a grey land rover freelander td4 you can’t really miss me

see you all Friday :+1:t2:

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OK, Friday at 5 it is, I’ll be in a Blue Nissan Juke.

See y’all then

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Think we need to keep check on wind, forecast gusts of 28 mph around 5pm