CERFA-12546 Photography Permit in France

I don’t understand French, does anyone have, or can point me to, how to fill out the French photography permit CERFA-12546? And presumably when it says send ID card you send a copy of your passport details page?

This might help.

Drone rules and laws in France - current information and experiences (drone-traveller.com)

Not really, I have the form I just don’t understand how to fill it in because it is only in French.

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Google translate? On mobile you can translate an image.

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I think BTV has it right. If you scroll down the page he links you to there is a link to the form and when it appears it is in English. One thing I’d like to know is as it says to complete the form at least 15 days before the intended flight what happens if you’re on a 2 week touring holiday? Does one submission of the form cover that? Would be interested if you get any info on that.

The form is only in French for me…

I think the 15 days is to give it time to be processed, once it is granted it is valid for 3 years…

cerfa_12546-01 (1).pdf (157.8 KB)

English … via https://www.onlinedoctranslator.com/en/

English Translated PDF to Download cerfa_12546-01 (1).fr.en.pdf|attachment (148.3 KB)


Just checked my old house in france. Can’t even take off in the courtyard, bloody french bureaucracy.

Glad i don’t live there any more.:stuck_out_tongue:

Hope this works.
I’m writing to DGAC, will let you know if I get anywhere.

I don’t need the help?

Anyway, that link takes you to a page (in English) where this button …


… takes you to the French form.

Hence why I posted a version translated into English?

That was meant for Edison. Sorry if that annoyed you.

But neither did it help him … there being no English form.

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When I posted that BTVs link took you to the form which opened in English that is what happened ca 4/5 hours ago, otherwise I wouldn’t have said it did.
Now the format seems to have changed with a download invited and even zoom getting involved and as you so helpfully say it’s in French.
I don’t understand this, but as per forum ethos was attempting to be genuinely helpful.
If, DGAC reply to me I will post anything useful. In English.

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Strange. I followed that link within a minute of you posting it and, as i responded at that time, it was in French only.

Indeed, Strange.

This is my best shot at the form. I can’t guarantee accuracy but its what I would use for myself.
I emailed DGAC ( dsac-ne-aeronefs-telepilotes-bf@aviation-civile.gouv.fr
and got a friendly reply the same day.
I hope this helps and that it all uploads correctly to the forum page! Good luck.

Summarising I asked/said:

Want to be sure I’ve got the info right to fly my Dji Mini2 in France on a touring holiday.
I’ve got the Fox Alpha Tango registration(dates given)
I understand I need to display UAS reg number on drone
I’ve got BMFA insurance which covers France.
I’ll try and get landowner permissions if possible.
Well aware of the rules in France eg max altitude 120m, forbidden zones, need to use geoportail, don’t disturb people or animals etc.
ID docs and UAS document (and whatever they send back re taking photos form) need to be with me when flying.
I asked if the permission to take photos form would last the duration of my holiday. ( I can’t see where it says it lasts 3 years. Could you link me to that?)
I asked if I’d forgotten anything, which was a bit risky!

The answer translates as:
“Regarding your declaration, everything seems in order to fly a dji mini2 in accessible spaces in the open category.
Wishing you good flights”.

The reply included a link to the form we need to fill in if we have an “incident”
This is very similar to the one we need to use in the UK from the CAA which can be found on the BMFA website under Article 16 authorisation.
I can have a go at translating that form if you want. It’s the one we hope we won’t ever need.


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That French incident link didn’t upload.
Here it is:

Thank you. I can’t remember where I read that but now believe it is wrong information.

I think “Etat de delivrance” is the country that issued your license rather than delivery status? Etat can mean ‘state’ as in country, the French for United States is Etats Unis.


“I think?”

Did you never look that at the fully translated pdf I uploaded - where it clearly says “State of issue” …



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