China clay quarry near St Austel

Here is one I took using Hangar but it kept failing to stitch, I used Lightroom to stitch this as I sometimes do which has done a reasonable job.
This flight had two flyaways which I think were to do with all the radio masts, I was in a bit of a panic but put the P4P in ATTI and brought it down and back.
I wanted to get nearer the 120m ceiling to show the size of this place but both times it started to head off at a rapid rate at around 90m so this was I think around 60m.


I’ve not done a tiny planet for a while, after seeing @BrianB viaduct one I thought I’d give it a go.


I like that one a lot Rich. The lumps and bumps on the horizon really gives it depth :ok_hand::+1:

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Thank you Brian.

Hangar uploads the images to stitch on their servers, as I recall?

This might relate to Hangar having apparently closed down their 360 website (not the pano archive - but their main pages about 360 - so perhaps their “stitching” servers, too) - as has been discussed in respect of compatibility not having been developed for the M2P/Z models. : Query about Hangar 360 with M2P

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That is correct Dave, the pano was taken on July 14th, up until yesterday I kept getting failed when trying to open it, just tried again as the thumbnail was visible and it opened :grinning:
Perhaps the problem has been repaired now.
I do prefer to have some control with the pano though hence why I either use Lightroom or Autopano Giga.

I wouldn’t hold out any long term hope for Hangar working. A few of us have tried contacting them about compatibility with M2P and no responses have been forthcoming.
A year-or-so ago when asked about Hangar availability for Android and they responded quite quickly.
So, along with the pages going, and the link for the app’s page on the AppStore going to a 404 error on their site … it seems to be an abandoned app.

It’s great when it works, shame if it goes tits up and they are not including any newer models, or going to include Android.
I have just noticed that you can zoom in for more detail in Hangar as well.
The one I did in LR and PS I added some clouds to try and hide the dodgy join and colour difference on each end.

WOW,the color of that water…very nice.:+1::+1:

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Here’s another.