Query about Hangar 360 with M2P

Does anyone know if my Mavic 2 Pro will work with Hangar 360?
I have heard and read bits and pieces about being dead.
Is that true?

They’ve not added M2P (or M2Z) to their compatibility list.


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Thank you OV

When contacted, about a year or more ago, about developing an Android version their response was of a very disinterested nature. Perhaps they’re not adding more models either.

The M2P/Z have been around for 6 months, and the api most of that time (judging by Litchi being available for M2P/Z for ages) … so one would have thought that they would have released M2 compatibility by now if they were going to.

Perhaps it works and they’ve not updated their compatibility list? :thinking:

At least they did reply when contacted, so perhaps emailing them with the question would be useful?

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Hangar has just started working again on my MP after not wanting to play for a couple of months.

The Facebook support page hasn’t been updated in months and if you try the support button in the app it cannot connect to the server.

I was also on the beta test but that seems to have died the death too, although I am still able to upload new panos and view existing ones (as other members seem to able to do)

I’ll email them and see where they are at, but I know for deffo the M2P won’t load it at the moment


I will email them as I am interested in creating panos and I am really impressed by the quality

I will email them too

You don’t need Hangar to create 360s. Your M2P will create them … very well … and can be uploaded to Kuula to view interactively.

Hangar does one thing better than most methods … it seems to control exposure better.

Having said that, the M2 does a better job at that than my MP did.


Yes, I know that there are other ways of doing them and probably will end up doing them with some other apps. Thanks Ozone


The biggest stumbling block for most with Hangar was that people loathe the handing over all rights to the pano to Hangar.


Yes I remember reading about that


I loved Hangar on the MP but like @OzoneVibe said, the M2P creates good enough stitched images and Kuula is so easy to use and manage your uploads.

I can see less people using Hangar as new drones come out.

Their policy of retaining image rights, no profile and only caring about IOS will backfire eventually.


I had a quick look at Kuula and will maybe have a go at it, Thank you

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Getting the link to Kuula to work here is in this thread … Interactive 360 Panoramas - How To Post on GADC … and they appear here like this …

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Thank you

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Its all double Dutch to me at the moment but looks very interesting.

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Not a peep of a response to my email.

I’m wondering if they’re really in business any more.

Same here. Couldn’t find out anything.

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Nothing here either, wired that the servers are still up and processing new panos though.

Easy … especially with the M2P … because it creates a superb resolution stitched image you just upload to Kuula.

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