Controller size for Mini 2

Hi everyone. I have a Mavic Air 2 and am unsure if I buy the Mini 2 that my dedicated phone (Honor 8x) that I use with the Mavic Air 2 will fit the controller of the Mini 2. Keep thinking about buying the Smart Controller to use on both, but Smart Controller seems a bit out of date and would not want to buy one and then another newer Smart Controller comes along. Also not sure if the Smart Controller is OK for Mini 2. Any thoughts.



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The MA2 and M2 use exactly the same controller.

No compatibility at the moment


Thanks for the info. Much appreciated :relieved:


Check this thread, might be worth looking for an M2 on its own save you a few quid

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One thing to remember.

If you have care refresh, this is now bound to the remote as well as the drone. So each and every time you “hot swap” you will have to confirm you want you swap the refresh to that remote.
I am sure it is to do with the fly away cover.

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I have the Mavic 2 Pro and Mini 2 and the SC isn’t supported with the Mini 2 hopefully one day soon though.

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As a retired milkman (Diary Chest) thanks for the info. :relaxed:

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