Couple of pics


Some photos from a substation…

the last one is interesting. It’s a 3D model from the P4 RTK, not a photo.

it’s an impressive piece of kit…a near vertical learning curve though… no cuddly G04 here.


Bumped your post over to #photos

Another 3D person … @Longstride … may be interested.


Interesting stuff @LarryDeath :smiley:

Are you able to output a 3D model / animation?

Like this one?



It’s an amazing bit of kit


Its a bit rough, and there’s a bit of static from the movement of the wires, but here’s a pylon I did a scan of. This isn’t a video, it’s a 3D model where each point you see is an identified point with an x,y,z value.


I reckon @joe.k could have recorded the strands in the cables in 3D on his flight …
2nd Litchi Mission - Almost Electrocuted My Mavic


Damn that’s nice!!

I’m gonna have to try this out…

Although at one moment there @LarryDeath I thought you’d been taking tips from @joe.k and his recent 2nd Litchi Mission - Almost Electrocuted My Mavic video :rofl:

That’s the bit that fascinates me too, bloody amazing tech really :+1:t2:


LOL, @OzoneVibe had the exact same thoughts I did :smiley:


This is quite rough - lots of erroneous artifacts, but a model of my car…


It needs a good wash! :wink: