Coverdrone Insurance

My drone insurance runs out soon and Coverdrone have sent my renewal through at £103 for the year. That is covering the drone Mavic 2 Zoom for £1100 with £100 excess and 1 million public liability.
Do you think that is a good price???

Of you crash it, then yes it is.

Have you checked with your house contents provider (esure cover mine, or so they say)

I’m always fearful of household insurance for drones.

You’d have to declare “a claim” on all future policies with all future insurers, I feel you’d be paying a premium for the next five years that would outweigh the cost of a new drone.

I’ve no evidence of this btw, just a serious hunch :confused:


FlyIcarus may be cheaper, (that’s when they fucking wake up and keep their customers up to date, I have nudged them (for what good it done)


My home insurance co. said mine was covered as long as it was not in use!

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I don’t understand why they can’t get their website sorted. If you email, they answer within the hour and I had no problems with my claim but their PR is shit.


The question is generally any claim on any insurances held by yourself, so I’d say even if you had a claim on a drone insurance you’d also have to mention that on your house renewal anyway.


Can only speak for Aviva but they explicitly ask about home claims.

“Tell us about any home claims you or anyone you live with has made in the last 5 years.”


Thanks for your replies, I’ve got a few weeks to think about it. I don’t suppose you ever know how good an insurance company is until you make a claim. :thinking:


Well that’s the key juggling act.

Do I pay £X for Y years or risk it and lose my drone and have to pay £XXXX to replace it. For me, having lost one (albeit a 2nd hand and bought cheap Phantom) it was gut wrenching that I had essentially said goodbye to £300 of drone and had to shell out for my Air. In my case, it’s peace of mind but since getting the Air (2yrs now) I haven’t even come close to the freak that lost my first drone. But m annual insurance of £40 ish is worth it to me, for now.


I use coverdrone for my recreational and commercial insurance, on the commercial one they do variable cover periods like 1 day 1 week etc. Not sure if this can be done for recreational as well. Depends on how much you use it though, if it’s used a lot then the yearly one does work out cheaper.

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I use CoverDrone and it’s under £40 but I’m only a hobbyist, to old to start a business up lol

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Since I’m a beginner in this drone lark, can I ask if I need public liability insurance too? And, what is a cheap insurance and from who?
Just a poor pensioner here​:thinking::thinking::thinking:
Will try and find out about coverdrone insurance tomorrow

@Sundowner - have a look here:

A rather, though I say so myself, excellent article on insurance :slight_smile:

Cheap is relative, but generally expect to pay around £40pa for a Mavic Air style / sized drone and more for the bigger more expensive ones.

As to do you need public liability insurance as a hobbyist, then no you don’t. If it is offered as a benefit with no charge then snap it up.


Thank you for taking me into this minefield!! My head’s buzzing. But I guess I have to look at all the small print before I make a decision!! Thanks again for all the different options!!

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I’m only a hobbyist Matty.

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The problem as well is it isn’t covered for theft. I go caravaning and I thought if someone saw me using it while away they would know it was in the caravan so I checked with my caravan insurance and they said it wasn’t covered because it is classed as a vehicle but my laptop or tv and such is covered.

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They’re classing a drone as a vehicle?!

Just when you think you’ve heard it all…



Seems high for just hobbyist buddy, I’d inquire into it before paying that much tbh

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Maybe a thing to check is if you do have a claim whether the insurance company want written proof you had permission to TOAL from the landowner? Some insurance companies who are under written by Allianz do - not saying which company that is !! even if its public ground



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