Crystal Sky Monitor - screen going black

Hi Guys I have a pretty strange problem with my DJI Crystal Monitor 1000nits version. I have this monitor along with my DJI Pro Platinum since 2018. I had a strange problem while flying my MPP the last two times CS screen suddenly just went black. I tried to reboot with my drone still up in the air but nothing happened. I did have control of my MPP and landed it safely. This is never happened to me before. I have the latest firmware and I don’t install any extra apps on my CS its just used for flying my MPP. Things that i did so far to create the problem:

  • Powered on CS with a Full Battery and left it on for 1 hour, fan came on and everything was good.
  • Powered it on connected to via go4 to my MPP and left the drone on the ground idling for 20mins or so, no black screen.
  • The only suspicion I have is that I did not take off with a full CS battery the last time it happened yesterday but when the cs got the black screen I checked the battery and still had two bars. I don’t know if that can cause it.

Is there a place I can find logs for the CS that someone can point me in the right direction? It was not a nice feeling when the screen went black. The usb cable looks good and I even fidled with it too see if it would happen, but it was all good. I will like some help and thoughts on this if possible please. Thanks in advance

Are you using the DJI connector or just USB?
Have you tried another battery?
Have you got access to another CS to eliminate the monitor?

The only reason I know of monitors going black is overheating. My 5.5" CS gets hot if I use it for a long session, but my 7.85"s not so much.
If you’re close enough, you could try mine to eliminate most of the problems.


Sounds like the backlight could be on the way out @redserv

I’d suggest using the CS indoors for a while and connect the HDMI-out port on the CS to your TV. If the CS goes black but the display is still visible on your TV, and the touch screen still works (even when black) then it’s definitely a backlight issue.

I speak from experience as I had the backlight on one of my CS Ultras fail a few years ago. Details here: My CrystalSky Ultra backlight finally failed 😭 (and subsequent repair)

Thanks very nice of you man. Unfortunately I am from the Caribbean islands. Thanks for your advice though, much appreciated.

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I was afraid that may be the case. Man i hope you are wrong. The HDMI output port is a good trick to try that i did not think off. As you can see in my post i tried to re create the problem but I did not get the black screen so far. I will do some more testing. Thanks very much for your help

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You pay the air fare, I’ll be there! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :desert_island: :desert_island: :desert_island: :beach_umbrella: :beach_umbrella: :beach_umbrella:

I had the exact same problem, found a solution have read, it has not shut down on me since.

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lol I am sure you will love to come to the Caribbean islands. :slight_smile:

Well guys I went out today and flew two batteries and no black screen. I am not sure where the problem is coming from, but I am happy. Should I do a backup and reset?

hmm very very interesting, You solution gives me hope. I will take a look at this.Hopefully you are on to something. I am wondering if I should reset the cs

I went as far as shutting down some processes followed by installing Go4 twice without any success.

I haven’t had a shutdown since I found out the workaround of setting the CS to it’s lowest brightness before switching it off.

This is very good information, thank you you very much I will try some of these recommendations. Thank you so much

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Not for the faint hearted…

This mod did cool the CS but I won’t recommend it as it butchers the CS, work with the workaround for a while until you get desperate.