Dangerous situations solved by using a drone

Hi All,
Just wondering what experiences people have had, where a possible dangerous situation was solved or has reduced the risk by having a drone?

I just don’t think there are enough examples of the positivity surrounding the use of a drone.

I know emergency services have known the benefits for years, mountain rescue etc. what about day to day activities?

An example; we have a municipal golf course, beautifully kept within a public park, yet there are certain blind areas that walkers cross fairways unbeknown that they are literally crossing at their peril. No signs and if you are not golf literate / experienced, no chance of knowing you are crossing where most balls land.

I have since used a drone to check the t-off (without disturbing the golfers) :innocent:area and when clear walk across.

Looking forward to other examples :thinking:

We have bells in Yorkshire :wink:

There are a few here:

Did a roofing survey for a mate a while back that showed the leak in his roof was coming from damage (cracks) to the skylight that weren’t easily visible from inside, or outside at ground level. Only other way to diagnose that would have been to send someone up to the roof, and this was a 3 storey building.

Search and rescue

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:rofl: Nice one

Yeah, how many injuries does that prevent each year. Nice :+1:

Amazing idea!

Lost count how often dog owners have asked me if they have seen their dog in our quite large park area. Nope not me taking them :wink:

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Nice one, thanks!