Deleting last owners flight records

Hi I have a phantom 4 pro I bought second hand
In the remote it still has the last owners flight records
Is it possible to delete them if so how
Many thanks Lez
Ps I did a factory reset and the flight records

On the app select a flight record and delete individually

Thanks it’s the pro plus , I can delete his record but not his log
Then it will resynchronize

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I think they stick with the P3, so as above just delete each individual one

There’s no option to completely delete this name and records that I can find

Hey Lez just found this below.

It says you can either remove the SD card behind the gimbal and format the card or alternatively the card is 6GB and only holds a certain amount of flight records so you can continue flying and the old records will be over written apparently. Hope this helps

Swipe right or left on individual records and press delete (I think)

That photo suggests the controller is still actually logged in as the former owner?

Have you logged out and logged in as yourself? :thinking:

If that’s not the cause, then check out these two threads:


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Thanks for all your help
Don’t really want to take it apart
I will just wait till it gets overwritten
Many for your time and help

As mentioned