Dissapointed in Guernsey

Contacted Guernsey ATC and got a really nice email from them and a hearty welcome, only flew in areas which I knew were safe to do so, surprised how many people flew drones with disregard to any drone laws, I was at a function and a drone came flying in above the crowd not sure of the count i.e. 1000, but this drone was less than 3 meters away from us as we stood on a balcony, and whilst at my cousins property close to the airport a drone went up in the field adjacent to it and flew over us .Well did a couple of flights videos and pics, weather was ideal but the morning I got up early to film the sunrise a blanket of fog came down whilst in flight within seconds as I was doing my very first pano :frowning: I will return now I have done the ground work of where and where not to fly



Guernsey is part of the UK for purposes of the The Grey Arrows 2nd Annual Birthday Competition … just saying. :wink:

Really do not think it’s competition material lol

Taken by drone? :heavy_check_mark:
In the UK? :heavy_check_mark:
Between the eligible dates? :heavy_check_mark:
Matches one of the items? :heavy_check_mark:

That lot makes it “competition material”.

This challenge is all about collecting the items. :wink:

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Ah well thank you @OzoneVibe :+1:

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I’d take it :rofl:… Plenty of early morning fog in tenerife around the hilltops!

Very little Tenerife in the UK, tho. :rofl:


I was going to research if England ever ‘owned’ it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

“Owned” doesn’t make it “UK”.

My schoolboy atlas shows that we “owned” most of the world … but UK is still the same size. :wink:

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