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Don’t forget you can buy them a coffee :wink:

Coffee bought :+1:and would of thrown a couple of chokky bikkies aswell, but there was no button…

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This may have been mentioned in this very long thread? Mad’s Tech last nite YT was showing a free to download FCC for the Avatar… And it works, also covers the older V2 goggles and the fpv Drone. Have a look if that’s your bag! Not posted a link as I always get it wrong!


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Ah! Sorry… The Avatar is not my thing :grin:

I have now been caught out twice by a 4 minute (20%) low battery warning with an immediate RTH using my Avata - in the second case (and before I could react to stop it) the drone rose up into branches of a tree and careered through them towards the trunk, hit that and fell to the ground. Fortunately no damage done except to my nerves
I doubt that there is a parameter to change this though I shall check obviously. But perhaps be careful when the battery approaches 20% remaining

Other than that - what a fantastic experience flying the Avata is :slight_smile:

I wonder if DJI has any plans to make the Avata compatible with the RC controller (of Mini 3 Pro fame) ??? Could this be the reason DJI only include the Motion Controller in a any of the Avata bundles ??? Could it also explain why the Avata has 2 types of electronic stabilisation - Rock Steady and Horizon Steady. Rock Stead is obvious but why would you want Horizon Steady on an FPV drone - any camera drone covers that requirement ??
Using the (Mini 3 Pro) RC controller would allow people to use the Avata without goggles and that all important legal requirement of a spotter - the one thing that puts me off FPV drones.

Any thoughts ---------------

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FYI Avata Firmware update @group-dji-avata

In-case anyone wants to know, the new Avata firmware released within the last 24 hrs comes with its very first ARB jump in the name of “optimising flight safety”, no other features were added


I’m holding out for Avata Pro, rendition which mybe more like a professional drone……:crossed_fingers:

I agree with you on RTH, one should be able to override it as needs be.

Cheers wayne👍. I was only looking yesterday, and was thinking one maybe due. I’m not really one for updating religiously, if it hasn’t something on it that makes MY experience better for what I use it for, then it’s not going on, if it ain’t broke don’t try to fix it👍.
My hope is that they can change the descent speed so the thing dives slightly better than it does using the M contr.
Oh…and compatability with the RC pro…but I don’t think that’s gonna come anytime soon😕

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The problem will be if they stop the FCC hack

Best waiting till others have tested it :wink:

With the ARB bump you can’t go back :scream:

Exactly, that’s another reason. ‘optimising flight safety’ could be a blag way of tying up loose ends in their code, so any hacks won’t work🤔.

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I decided to use a jailbreak to get FCC mode on my Avata - the hack I found is remarkably quick and easy (on YouTube) - simply create a no extension zero file titled ham_cfg_support and then pop it onto the root directory of the SD card for the goggles - fire up the drone, controller and goggles - and hey presto :slight_smile:
I just gave it a quick run-out and still had maximum bars beyond 1500 feet and behind trees - so it does appear to work fine…previously I began to gradually lose video transmission at around 1000 feet in the same place

It is the B3YOUND hack, see above

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No it’s this one

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It was done by these guys first, it’s a rip-off!

Edit: no I am wrong the Quadmula did release it first and the B3yond guys used it :smile:

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Sorry for the very late reply. Basically a lot more than the Avata. I’m running the Ghost long range radio system on it so I’ll run out of battery long before I run out of radio range.

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I applied the Avata FCC hack to my DJI FPV, took under a minute.

  1. Create an empty file called “ham_cfg_support” (no extension and 0 bytes)


  1. Copy it to your DJI goggles SD card
  2. Turn the goggles on
  3. In the menu, change Transmission > Channel Mode to Manual

If the hack has worked, you will see at least 3 channels now available

This has certainly increased the range of mine.

Full vid here.

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Not got the videos off yet but first day of flying crashed it 3 times with the first battery. :rofl:

One of them was into a tree and it lodged its self.
Put it into turtle mode and it fell out of the tree. Zero damage apart from some marks that rubbed off :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Just to confirm that this hack is now applied to my Avata too. Will test later today.