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So it turned up today. Not had much time to play but did manage a quick hover in the garden. Suspect i need to look into settings but if I’m stool behind when I turn the controller left the Avata goes right :confused:

That doesn’t sound right🤔.

Have you calibrated the controller? Even so, it shouldn’t be behaving like that. :thinking:

Give it another go see if it happens again.

And I take it before launch the Avata was facing away from you?

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Was the Drone/camera facing you :thinking:

No, was definitely facing away, going to the recalibrate today as that was the only thing I could think of that could have caused that behaviour.

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How to fly backwards…

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I’m still on the fence, Avata or Mavic 3 Pro… :man_facepalming:

I’ve found charging a bit of a faff, well getting the right power supply to do it anyway.

Luckily I had a spare 65w laptop power supply, which does the Avata batteries and the Google’s 2, but it appears that you need a different one for the motion controller.

Anyone else suffer from motion sickness using the DJI simulator?

Yeh a bit, you get used to it.

If your using a simulator, give Liftoff a go, I found it a hell of a lot better than Dji virtual Sim. I have a blag copy, but I think you can get it for only 20 quid download :+1:

Liftoff, Velocidrone & DRL are all worth a go - although the dji sim is the only one I can get to work with goggles - you’d probably want to get used to Acro on a sim, before doing FPV in the wild!

Has anyone used any 3rd party antennas with Avata and V2 goggles? (not goggles2)

I’m looking for something that doesn’t need screwing/unscrewing - every time I fly!
Looking at iFlight Crystal or Lumenier Duality HD Stubbys - but not sure about compatibility with Avata.

Thanks for any suggestions. :smiley:

I managed to get a preowned copy from Music Magpie for £6.50 for PS4.

Copy of Liftoff that is :grin:

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