DJI Fly - App updates and download links

The DJI Fly app v1.0.4 went live today.

What’s new:

  • Adds function for unlocking GEO Zones

(at last)

I’m assuming Android has also bumped but the Play Store still shows v1.0.3 for me here?

Can anyone with an Android device confirm?

And the iOS DJI Fly v1.0.4 seems to have a translation issue…

@PingSpike Uninstalled old version, downloaded from your link, shows 1.03 version on Fly on my Android Phone (at the moment)


Cheers Chris, I wonder if Android updates are released regionally?

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Could be Rich, will keep you posted.
Mines running Auto update on my Apps.

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Although interestingly the last updated date for the Android app says today :man_shrugging:

Date on my phone stills shows 27th Nov.

For those who don’t want to wait for DJI/Google to get their shit together, direct download of the v1.0.4 APK for Android:

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link does not work 403 error?

DJI Fly v1.0.6 was launched today:

(Although at the time of writing the Android store is still showing v1.0.4 as current, albeit with a 14/01/20 date?!)

What’s New

  • Fixes crashing issues and improves app stability.

Informative as ever :man_shrugging:

My first thought on their oft repeated “Fixes crashing” is to wonder whether they’re referring to the app or the drone. :joy:



I’d never read it like that before, but now I can’t un-see it :rofl:

Result! So many bad pilots will be impressed with that one :+1:t2:

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Really? I get this …

Straight up…

v1.0.4 but with todays date on it:

I’ve never understood the Android app store :confused:

Must be a difference between Google Play App and website.

Edit: Confirmed. :man_shrugging:

I don’t know why their web site still says v1.0.4 though? :man_shrugging:

Which apk gets downloaded?

I don’t know how to download an apk from that site :confused:

Download, install, rip with something like AppMonster. :ok_hand:

Just read that on DJI site. Let’s see the improvements. Apparently S10’s work now