DJI Fly - App updates and download links

There was already a thread on the Go5 (DJI Fly) update to 1.06 - moved your post to it.

Thanks for that

How though? There’s no download link on that page? :thinking:

And also, today, that page now shows v1.0.6 but the date has changed to 15/01/20 now :man_shrugging:

Not that it matters now as the Google Play site has been updated to show 1.0.6 :slight_smile:

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I meant install.

There’s no link on that page to grab the APK though? That’s the bit that’s confusing me :blush:

eg, if I go to APK pure I can download some .apk files from them:

But that Google Play page doesn’t seem to give me that option.

Play Store has just updated mine today to 1.06.
Just opened my Apps and refreshed for an update.
Now installed.
Make sure DJI Fly is set to “Auto Update” in settings.
Now about to update all my other Android devices.

So - what I was suggesting was …

Install from the Google Play page as per normal, then use an app like AppMonster to rip the APK from the installed app.

In my attempt to do that, Google Play was behaving strangely.

Went to GoFly and installed - I got v1.04!

Within a minute I got a notification for the upgrade to 1.06!

These were the ripped APKs.

I can upload them if needed.

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Might be of help to others Dave

Indeed - but too large for GADC servers. If anyone wants, I can temporarily upload somewhere and give them a link.

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Hm, I now understand that its an app update only, shame we didn’t get a dark background on top of screen😒

is google drive any good?

It’s brilliant - but I’m near capacity on all my free storage, so not going to leave there.

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Most people can just install from Google Play … it might only be the CS people that would make use of the apk.

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Actually - all versions are now on

Interesting that there were two versions of 1.0.6 released … 2041603 (as per mine, above) and 3014603.


I think the latter must be a duplicate upload, since that’s not a logical change in build number for DJI … as per these for Go4 …


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DJI Fly v1.0.8 landed in the UK app stores today:

What’s New

  • Optimizes warning prompts for when the aircraft is flying in strong winds.

  • Fixes crashing issues and improves app stability.

Sadly still no sign of any 360 pano options for the Mavic Mini :confused:

Today? I posted that image in the FW thread days ago! :wink:

It only arrived on the UK Apple store today.

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Mod edit: Re: MM FW update 1.08?

Has anyone heard about it? Apparently it’s out but not sure. DJI forum says so

Any idea what’s in it? I didn’t think the next update was until April?