DJI FPV parameters

Can annyone explain to me some of the advanced parameters on the DJI FPV COMBO drone? i found out how to turn off all the lights, and how to fall like a rock from the sky in normal/sport, But what i realy need is things like how to not turn on the landing light when flying low… and i need all the speed… i tried manual mode… crashed instantly:D

That’s the only way I’m afraid. Bottoms out about 100 kph in spurt otherwise

110 mph is possible in manual. I’d suggest you get in a sim

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Im getting there… just getting ahead of myself:D and its 105 km/h with some tailwind:D

Check out the Breaking the speed limit thread. @Howard78 is the speed record holder at 110mph as he so rightly says above.

105kmh is good going though but only if you are in sports mode.
I did 78mph (125 kmh) with mine is sports mode.
I have the air data to prove it.

As @Howard78 says. Get on a flight simulator and master a few skills before Manual.