DJI GEO Zone unlock request not working (DJI GEO Zones discontinued 😱)

I would say so

No nothing is mandatory, but if you want the geo-fencing removing

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Oddly i updated Fly on both my phone and tablet (Both android) and the zones have gone on my phone but still there on the tablet.
Both updates logged me out of Fly and i had to log back in.

Have you had the drone connected to the tablet? I have seen some people say that the zones only disappear when the app knows that the drone is in the UK (as they have only been removed in some regions).

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Not yet (but phone wasnt connected to drone either due to the weather) so both systems had the same treatment.
Ill fire it up tomorrow on both assuming it stays dry just to see if they both react the same.

Interesting. Mine is

It was a dream to fly yesterday and have no nonsensical warnings flash up on the screen. :heart_eyes:

Gatwick ?

Around parts of Southampton the Mickey Mouse DJI map would always have a coronary over. :joy:

Its been updated

Last week DJI updated there Fly safe database to version

The update only seems to add the new restrictions on prisons but as with the others it’s just an enhanced warning zone

But typical of DJI they haven’t updated their online fly-safe database :roll_eyes:

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That’s interesting, my flysafe data is and when I checked for updates it is up to date.

Is this on your Mini 3 Pro Gary @OldGit62 ?

@PingSpike Yes.

Ah after a long hunt I knew I posted something some where about when the flysafe is showing no update to follow the steps in this post,

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@Kirky @PingSpike I just tried my Mini3 pro, had gps lock home point updated. Checked for flysafe data and I’m up to date version


Is your Fly app up to date @OldGit62 ? And your firmware?

@PingSpike I checked for all updates and the controller says everything is up to date. I have the following. App 1.13.1 Aircraft firmware 01.00.0700 RC firmware 01.03.1400 App and Aircraft safety data both

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It seems that DJI where going to push a firmware update

this update was then pulled but I suspect a Flysafe database was also included but didn’t get pulled at the same time, so anyone who logged in at that time would have got the update

It’s since been removed and that’s why its not showing

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They have now updated their online fly-safe map