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I am a huge fan of DJI but with each new release of either a new product or upgraded existing product it becomes more and more like the Apple business model where we see minimal changes with price increases. The backwards compatibility has caught many of us out, including me. I purchased a DJI Smart Controller with the inbuilt screen for my Mavic zoom and Mini 2 with a note from DJI that they would be looking at expanding the compatibility with it only needing a software update. Needless to say this didn’t happen instead we see the new smart controller that now comes with the Mini 3 while it would appear that the original screen based controller has ceased production, £560 is a lot of money. It goes without question that we do have purchasing choices but when you buy into a brand it would be nice if DJI could be a bit more considerate with cross compatibility during the design process.

It’s been like that since the introduction of the original Mavic Pro

Even before with the Wookong M

You guys no more than me why if it’s true that is, do they keep bringing out different models of the mavic 3, that I know you probably can’t answer, is this the end of the air series :thinking: that also I guess no one can answer, can’t work it out, everything is aimed around the minis & mavic 3 ….

The packaging on the MP said designed for Apple, and it was the first mainstream drone avaialble on the high street though Apple Stores

This is the point you buy something then a year later its superseded or no longer supported. I don’t have the answer but DJI’s growth has taken everyone by surprise and their products are recognised as being world leaders. Personally I think they look at each product and have its upgrade or release path already in place, more than likely based on how much can be raked in from the consumers for minimal outlay by the manufacturer

I wonder If this partnership will fade away with the American import restrictions on DJI products ? Which is more to do with a propaganda exercise than real threat imo

… the next model is announced the day after your last chance to return it for a full refund.


Its been the way since I started buying DJI products, I bought the first edition goggles for my Mavic pro and loved the big cumbersome box on my head :rofl: bought the Mini 2 and hoped it would be compatible :cry:

Bought the DJI FPV and hoped rumours would be true that Air2s be compatible but never happened. :cry:

Expensive hobby on hope :joy:

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That’s why I’m in no rush whatsoever to upgrade from my Mini 2 to a Mini 3 Pro.

I am not sure if there is a market for an Air 3

We now have the Mavic 3 Classic, which surely is the Air 3 - albeit slightly different. I thought at the time that might kill off the AIr 3 as the two would overlap. If it doesn’t then the Air 3 would need to stand out from the M3 Classic, and can it do that?

If they can release variants of the Mavic 3, I suspect that reduces costs.

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I thought that yesterday maybe different versions is all round easier for DJI ….

I thought maybe & just speculation, that the air 3 if there was to be one would sit in between the minis & the mavic 3 but you might well be right ….

And until we get SDK or DH is there any point in any new DJI release.

I miss the days of day one hacks :confused:

I’m remembering when the Mavik 3 was released and what a beast it was, from a DC Rainmaker wind test video; DJI Mavic 3: Crazy High Wind Test!!! - YouTube

Very impressive. I wonder what the third lens is, I’d hope it’s thermal, but sure you could swap as you see fit.

My guess is that it allows for a much smoother zoom from ultra wide to up close between the three lenses.

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If that is, I dare to think the price :scream: