DJI Mavic Mini 1 and 2 ND Filters

Hi there,

Seen a few topics and some cracking photos/video from guys using ND filters on here but not found anything about ND filters for the Mavic Mini.

I know there are filters for the Mini and the Mini2 and I was looking for some recommendations on decent good value for money filters. I know for other Mavic drones PolarPro is the go-to brand but I am yet to find Mavic Mini ND filters from them and I think they might be a bit too pricy for me, being someone just starting out and looking at cutting my teeth in this area.


Picked up a 4-set of Pgytech filters from Amazon this week for £60. Haven’t had a chance to use them yet (hopefully tomorrow, though it’s going to be a bit windy), but they fit securely and seem well built. Saw a few reviews online and they look to perform pretty well.


Thanks Joe.

Did see them along with these - not sure at the mo will do a bit more research on them.

Taoric Lens Filter UV/CPL/ND Set/NDPL Set Filter for DJI Mavic Mini2/Mavic mini

Did they come in a hard case Joe?

I bought a very cheap set from ebay (they say sunnylife on them and look similar to those taorix ones). Just £12 for a set of 3.

Have to say they seem great. Fit easily and stay on flying.
I can’t see any picture degradation though I haven’t yet done a pixel peeping test.

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They do, yes. Quite a neat little set. The lid is separate rather than hinged, but it fits snugly and has (so far) stayed put.



Many thanks for the pic too.

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Freewell also do ND or ND/PL filtersets for the MM and M2.

Quite a few listings on Amazon.



Well, surprisingly okay weather today so I had a chance to get the M2 up for a bit.

Not the most scientific of tests, but the first two clips are without a filter, clips 3 and 4 are with the Pgytech ND8. All of them were on auto exposure.

I wouldn’t say I see a noticeable drop in quality with the filter on… but I don’t have the best of eyesight so I’ll let others judge that one.

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Did you manage to get down to the magic 50th second ?

Wow thanks for that. They do look really good.

After crimbo I will invest for sure.

Joe thank you greatly for your feedback and recommendation.

Have a very Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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And to you too, Peter :slight_smile:

Nope, had it in 4k to see that pesky artefact and forgot to change it after, so the whole thing was in 30fps (the fastest 4k gets on the M2).

Can you give the weights of each filter please?

According to the Amazon page, they’re 1.3g each.

According to my little ‘drug dealer’ scales, the ND8, ND16 and ND32 are all 0.8g. The ND64 is 0.9g.

I’m not sure how much I trust these scales now.

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Awesome, thanks.

I’ll be off to Spain as soon as we can get out there; as it will be full sun (hopefully!) I’m looking at getting some ND filters, there are many makes available and prices vary greatly, can anyone recommend a make in the mid price range?

Scroll up a bit and you’ll find just that.


Thanks Ned!

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Just bought filters for my mini 2. will try the weekend if boilers stop breaking down and I get time. anyone else used them