DJI Mini 3 (NOT PRO!) - Rumours, leaks, gossip and general discussion, reviews

A thread to discuss the soon-to-be released “DJI Mini 3” (non-pro) drone.

If you’re looking for the DJI Mini 3 Pro mega thread, it’s over here: DJI Mini 3 Pro - Rumours, leaks, gossip and general discussion, reviews

This thread is for the NON-pro DJI Mini 3.


Model: MT3PD


Agent-Letter-6236635.pdf (162.0 KB)

Confidentiality-Letter-for-FCC-6236638.pdf (168.6 KB)

Product-Label-6236642.pdf (105.9 KB)


Not seen any prices yet.

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DJI mini 3 ( non pro )

Is it to early too call or would anyone know if this will shoot the same quality footage as the pro version

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Possibly but rumoured not to have obstacle avoidance so maybe tracking software will be lacking. Battery might last longer though (less weight) and the range might improve due to the addition of front leg antennas.

Yes I see that in the video I linked, not sure bout the camera quality, so I suppose we’ll have to see, not bothered bout the obstacle tho tbh, just have be a bit more carful, not that I really use it.

@Kirky Yes Richard. Never crashed my mini 2 so I too am not bothered but if you plan to do tracking shots as I am through the mountains etc I think it will come in handy… and if the leak is to be believed its not that much cheaper than the pro?:thinking:

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Yes not to bothered about tracking shots but obviously different for you, what ticks the boxes for me is hopefully the better transmission and just comes as the whole bundle so no faffing around. :+1:t2:

Looks like the bundled flymore combo is making a come back for this release too:

From the rumours I’ve seen, same drone and camera just no obstacle avoidance sensors = reduced price.

Anyone seen any camera specs to confirm?

Not 100% sure, second hand rumours but ( speaking to Gavin HR on YT ) edit : someone who commented reckons 12 mp but probably not capable of 48 mp, how true that is I don’t know again just a rumour :+1:t2: they also assume it may lose its HDR of something.

I am glad I hung back buying a Mini 3 , guess I have to purchase when it comes out …

Still love my mini 2… :+1:

I got my mini 3 and RC with flymore kit for £140 quid more than what is stated in the ad above (assuming its correct). I personally think its worth paying the extra. I love my mini 2 as well but the 3 pro is definitely next level and amazingly quiet (RC is a bit sensitive though, even adjusting its settings, but getting use to it now).

Best Buy leaking prices early as per usual :slight_smile:

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So $50 less than the Pro? :exploding_head: