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So the videos are out since the Hubsan Mini Pro came into the spotlight with its Mini 2 rivalling specs… Now the ball seems to have been smacked back over the net for DJI to return and with the Hubsans drone coming out around August this year will this force the hand of DJI to release an upgrade to the Mini 2… maybe a Mini S or a Mini 3???

If they do what do you think it will have to have… I think that’s an easy answer and then you have to consider would that then be the nail in the coffin of the Air 2 ???



Whichever manufacturer produces a C marked aircraft first should be onto a winner …


I don’t think DJI have much to worry about from the likes of Hubsan and Fimi, unfortunately. I wouldn’t consider them to be any serious competition to DJI as neither have a distribution network to match that of DJI’s. If a manufacturer wants to be serious about ruffling DJI’s feathers they need to do something unique rather than just copy.


This guy :fu:


If the Mini 3 has a bigger processor then most of the features your man was talking about are firmware changes. There is scope for camera and sensor upgrade within the weight limit of 250 grams especially if they further lighten the Mini chassis.

Will it all happen?

I doubt it. Until the bigger siblings of the Mini have their own upgrades and introduce new “must have” features why would DJI make the Mini competitive with the higher priced aircraft in their range?

But, given my record of prediction, expect to see the Mini 3 by end of June! :slight_smile:


Didn’t all the changes he read from from others amount to the A2s ?


What will happen to the long term life of the Mini range if (when?) they change the regs and close the 250g loophole?

Would DJI have any incentive to keep developing it further?


I guess it’s weighing up the monetary value of domination of the sub 250g category ( if it remains exempt from strict measures ) versus the monetary value of the middle range… My thoughts are there is more money to be earned in that sub 250g area

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I am wanting to buy the Mm2.

I don’t want to do it if they are bringing out a m3



Whatever piece of shiny you buy - computer, camera, aircraft - a couple of weeks later a new model will be announced which will have that killer, can;t-live-without feature that you must have - even though you had made it to your current age without any realisation that that feature was the one thing necessary to make your life complete.

Or buy a Mini 2 now, fly it, enjoy it, have a worry-free life and put some money aside to replace it with a Mini 6 or 7 when it/they come out :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I’m still tempted by the MM2… but I live in rural Norfolk so to be fair there are lots of places I can take the Air 2… It’s just how diverse the MM2 is !! It’s a good piece of kit…


@milkmanchris Not a fan then :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy:


His holiday blogs and stuff are really well made, his drone stuff is just ripped off bits of others.


Have you seen his latest community post?? He’s asking people to send their 30 second drone clips in ( stating that they must only be a max of 30 seconds ) so he can “rate” them… more like he wants to upload the footage onto Blackbox… What makes him qualified to rate people’s footage is beyond me and for the length he’s requesting to be the exact length sites like Blackbox request seems suspect to me!


Here here to that I was sceptical about buying the mini 2 just over a week ago and honestly at £550 for combo it’s a steal


Unfortunately there’s currently an epidemic of these kind of videos on YT. Recognise these titles?

How to replace the props on DJI Mini.
How to replace props on DJI Mini2.
“n” number of things you didn’t know about DJI XXXX
What will the DJI Mini/Mavic/Inspire 3 have (Premiere Live Stream Exclusive Not To Be Missed, Don’t forget my Patreon Account and become a member for access to exclusive content, in the meantime here’s a short I filmed in portrait mode as I’m starved for attention while I think of more Bollox to upload )

Boy, today’s off to a great start :crazy_face:, and why’s my cat behind the tumble dryer.


See he’s renamed his channel now to “Tech Drone Family” :man_facepalming:t2:


It’s all about like me like me.


He a a very punchable face! :dizzy_face: :fist_left:t2: