DJI Super Patcher

Anyone tried this yet? Enables you to lock onto Galileo Satellites (up to 30!).
Removes NFZs and Altitude limits.

Has options for FCC Boost Mod.
Personally don’t really know much about FCC mods but seems simple enough for those who need it.

Do you have a link to this piece of wizardry?

These tools are all available in the public domain @TassyWass (for free)

And / or there’s always NLD if you don’t want to get your hands dirty :blush:

Came across a YouTube video with links to all that’s required. Not sure if I’m allowed to post it. Will send you the link.

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Yes, I was aware of that. Haven’t really been looking for mods so it was the first time I heard of locking on to Galileo Satellites.

Always read questions regarding FCC mods and this seemed to make it very easy.

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This GADC, you can post anything here :blush:

There are a few restrictions with the DJI Super Patcher, mainly that it’ll only run on the Mavic Pro / Spark / P4 and then only on very specific firmwares for each.

It also doesn’t actually remove the NFZ database, more of a mask… you’ll still get warnings.

Easy enough to use though :slight_smile:

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I read that you get ‘precision landing’ back.

When was this removed? Was it not available with the mixed custom FW?

I’ve used precision landing once, to prove to myself how good it was (landed on my camping table!:+1:), and about 4 times to show off to other people how effing good it was.

All other landings have been manual … saves faffing about before take-off to ensure there’s something/things identifiable enough for it to work, since a lot of places I’ve taken off from would confuse the heck out of it … shingle beach, grass playing field, tarmacked road/car park, etc. (No - I never use a launch pad - that’s more faffing! :wink: )

It was never removed, more a by-product-bug of custom firmware modules.

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What I don’t understand is how are you supposed to know if you’re in FCC mode or FCC boost mode?!

Plenty of videos on Youtube on the subject.

The videos on YouTube, that I’ve seen anyway, talk about the difference between CE mode and FCC mode, and the visual tell whether you are in one or the other, but regarding FCC mode and FCC boost mode that appears to be something else.

We’ve got details of How to tell if you are in CE or FCC power mode using GO4 but nothing on how to tell if you’re also boosted.

P|ease share the wealth if you find out @Pete :+1:t2:

Any good?.

No :blush:

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No, not really, unless you have one of those frequency scanner things to hand? I guess the only tangible way without one is to fly it and see how far it will go before you run into problems, I know mine goes into FCC mode because it travels much further than before without an issue, but is it boosted? That I don’t know.


Only thing I can think of is running a battery in hover on fcc config and noting the decrease in controller battery.

Charge everything back up and run same test for same amount of time with FCC boost.

I suppose it stands to reason that the boost is going to consume more power.

Whether or not it’s a big enough difference to observe over a single battery might be an issue.