Downgrading mavic pro platinum

hello guys
i’m new here.
i have mavik pro platinum and i have been trying to fly above 500M
i have installed the internal sd card. and tryed dumldore 3 to downgrade FW to 01.03.700
it worked only once but with realy bad flying errors. once i tryed to reflash it didnt work at all and i had to go to dji website and update to the almost latest 01.04.200 version (rc and ac)
anyway now it works. but i still wana downgrade to a version that can fly above 500m.
i have looked at almost all the guides on google also purchased activation code from no limit dronez. they have a cool app for the RC.
anyway please help me do the thing anyone have any idea?
my email

Hi @rigsi2000 and welcome to Grey Arrows :+1:

If you’ve got the NLD app it should be a simple matter of rolling back to .700 and then updating some parameters.

Personally I’d recommend rolling back first (don’t change any params yet) then go for a test flight. You’re changing too many core variables to be able to diagnose a single issue.

If the test flight goes fine, then you can start playing with the parameters afterwards :+1:

hi thanks for your reply

the problemnis that their program doeant finish the work it gets stucked in the middle of flashing.

that what led me to so it in dumldore3 but it still couldnt do it.

do i miss anything?


Just to caution people, 500m in the UK is 1,500ft, this is 1,100ft above the UK legal limit.

Just sayin…


Did you follow this recent updated video for using the latest DUMLdore?
I found it covered the stalled flashing, etc., and worked a treat the first time I’d ever tried rolling back … albeit mine was the basic MP.


Actually the 400 foot UK limit only applies to aircraft over 7kg.

But you do have to be able to maintain line of sight so would need a super bright strobe

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There’s quite a few places where you can easily fly 500m up without ever being 120m AGL. That’s reason I did mod.

hi ozonevibe.
i disnt see this video yet but i shall follow it through.
one thing i noticed is when i downloadwd the FW version 01.03.700 it was a bin file not a zip file. maybe there were some particals missing i shall try redoing all and let you guys know.
the rc ia on the 01.04.200 i understand that i dont have to downgrade it?

Lots of archived .bin firmware files to choose from here:


I’d highly recommend DankDroneDownloader (a custom firmware downloader) too:

No need to downgrade the RC @rigsi2000 mate.

I did… but I’ve got some weird OCD :crazy_face:

Which was bin/zip/exe I don’t recall … but everything seemed to be as the video explained.

NFD did not work for me on MP. I can’t remember the specifics but had errors in the built in DUMLdore client and the end result was AC would not connect to RC.

Reflashing with DUMLdore/dank worked fine.

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I just checked … is what you need to download. If you got just the exe, you are missing 2 important bin files.

The contents of the zip are …

Interesting the drone code doesn’t differentiate…

i really appreciate your help

i did download the new 3.1 dumldore and shall follow all the video.

the only thing is that in the video the .bin files looked like rar files (their icon) but i guess its not the issue. there is also another update after the 700 back to the 01.04.100 but with all the modifications done by the 700. i shall follow the video and truely hope this time i will be able to suceed in this long and drustrating jurney :wink:

thank you i shall update

I did these too.

well i hope mine shall work as well… can’t wait to fly over the clouds

:open_mouth: Hope your joking.

You could be above cloud at only 100 ft on a foggy/misty day. :wink:

i am

i actually wana fly high because we are going on a nature muintain trip and i don’t wana be limited