Downgrading mavic pro platinum


Yeah, I know what you mean. Exactly why I did it. Very limited with newer firmware in mountain terrain.

Be carefully if you plan to use waypoint with something like litchi. It let me plan a 600m altitude flight up the side of a mountain. Only 700m distance.
When checking in Google earth despite accepting all the way points it would have topped out at 500 and flew straight into the side of it.


Don’t worry about that part, the guy in the video just has his system set to associate .bin files with WinRAR (the .bin in this instance is actually a compressed zip, you can open it and nosey around and make changes (not recommended if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing))


I’m still waiting on that elusive fog/low cloud I had to resort to more unorthodox measures. Looks pretty convincing but god knows what was bellowing out that chimney.


listen my friend mostly thanks to you… i was able to fly my bird finally above 500m and make all the modifications and currently i’m on version 01.04.300.

it took me 4 flashes for the 01.03.700 until this stuborn submited :blush:i do surf with older dji version of the remote control. it gives me sometime engine and propelor eror. but i think its not serious.


i did however make the modifications against if the drone filps in mid air its very good to do it just in case


Excellent news @rigsi2000 :+1:


seriously. its so exciting. its like having a Ferrari compared to a fiat.

one final question my educated friend

can i fly with the latest dji go 4 remote control program or only with older versions? i have updated to the 1.04.300 (without the limitations)



one more thing my friend the video image is only on regular doest goto hd. and the video shoots are horible. is there a way to fix it?

might be the gps signals that i played with from a video i saw online?


I’ve only every caught it once :slight_smile:


I’ve tried using the very latest and an old one (v4.1.3) - No issues with either mate :+1:


I’m on the without-limits 1.4.300 and latest Go4 (Android) and not encountered any problems.

I say “latest” … there have been 5 versions of the “latest” 4.4.12 … I think the last I used was the one on 19th April.


i no longer have option to change transmission quality on yhe go app… any idea my friend?


i updated the controler to 300 it resolved visual on my phone and allowed hd. but the recording on the sd sucks. im using original 16gb card originally supplyed that worked perfeftly before the upgrare. any idea where i can download lates go 4 versions for android?

and how do i fix this video quality its frustrating until i managed to fly heigh no i have bad quality feeds :nerd_face:


Hmm … strange … mine still records in 4K fine, and saves to the phone in 1080 OK.
The device recording is never going to be awesome, imo (low bit-rate, etc), and even when it’s seemed twitchy on the display, those twitches haven’t (usually) been evident in the file.
I only use the phone files occasionally for quick/convenient social media posts, anyway, so they’re not something I worry too much about.


i somehow updated the rc to 300 and it became better. funny but we have here the gps on fixed channels we can not chose. probably its the go 4 version. i could only find 1 version fornundroid to dowbload on the play store. im not sure its the newest one. but since i cant control the rc gps channels i have lots of gps disturbances… i add an older photo i took from a video i made.


The options to manually select WiFi channels were removed after GO4 4.1.3 (see this reference).

Bottom line, the channel options are in 4.1.3 and below, but nothing higher, DJI took them out for some :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: reason.


Can i assume the law changed sine then and it applies to all weights of drones now??


That’s right @johnm1974 the law changed in July 2018.

Details in this thread: New laws going through parliament today - 30th May 2018



Thanks, I thought I understood that, just was confused when i read the older thread.
Am I close to a full member yet?? :slight_smile:


I don’t know mate, you’d have to compare your profile stats against this list:



Thats cool, thanks :slight_smile:
Ps Only asking as i want to downgrade my firmware and i think some of the tolls i need are in the restricted section… (lots of Harry Potter themes here :wink:)