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First I want to thank Chris for putting together the GADC Drone Information Pack, it really is full of valuable information.
One of the things that caught my eye was the Drone Cover Club Drone Insurance UK | Specialist Public Liability Hobby Drone Cover | UK (part of the Country Cover Club), so has anyone used them and if so have you made a claim with them, they offer a simple public liability insurance for £12,000,000 plus £10,000 personal accident cover for £29.95, and then three options for accidental damage, loss, and theft starting at £129.95 for up to £750 cover.
Has anyone looked into any others offering similar cover and how do they compare with this offering.
Thanks guys.


Don’t forget you have to be a CCC member in order to take out their drone cover. So if you’re not already a member, it bumps the price up.

More details in this thread:

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You’ve got it right. That’s what I paid for.

Yeah I gathered that, I guess many of may be waiting to see what happens before November next year when we are all expected to register. We will no doubt have to pay something for that, but still having some insurance for pulic liability and accidental cover for the drone.

They do what they call a syndicate membership for clubs like ours, which gives £5 off the membership fee. So that would mean £24.95 membership, then £29.95 for the basic liability cover, and then £129.95 for £750 accidental damage cover, so this adds up to £184.85.
@johnh210 have I got it right? Can you show how the charges are made, I would probably only go for £750 accident cover.
Thanks guys

Am away from home at the minute. But will have a look at end of week when back.

Has anyone had any experience of this club, I am looking for insurance.

I’m with Coverdrone.com for accidental damage, flyaway etc and with FPVUK for Public Liability.


I am also with Coverdrone.com I haven’t had to make a claim yet but they provide excellant cover, flyaways, over water etc and all when in use, transit, and storage at home. You can set your level of equipment cover both for the drone itself and other ground equipment, like I have a crystalsky monitor so that is covered too, and the premiums are reasonable. If you want to change something say if you get a new drone you can call them and they will do it there and then and no charge for any changes. Well recommended by me.

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I realise this thread is from a while ago but we’ve had a couple of people come across it and get confused. You do not need to be a member of Country Cover Club to join Drone Cover Club, but you do get a £10 discount off the 2nd membership if you want to join both clubs - just call us and ask :slight_smile:

DCC offers a basic annual membership for £29.95 which includes £12m Public Liability cover and £10k Personal Accident cover for recreational drone flying. Accidental Damage, Loss and Theft cover can be added to any membership and is priced in tiers according to the total value of the drone and equipment.

Full info about our insurances can be found here: Drone & Model Aircraft Insurance | Model Aircraft Cover | UK

Hope that helps clarify!

I am in the process of getting registration and permission to fly in Portugal and Madeira. Flying in Jamaica is easier, just follow drone code.

I currently have 3rd party liability insurance but my current insurers do not extend out of the UK. Can anyone recommend an insurer that covers Europe and Worldwide? I have checked out Drone Cover Club, what is their reputation like?


Yes Coverdrone provide Worldwide cover as a standard part of their cover, there is a list of countries that are not covered, Portugal and Madeira are not on the list and so are covered. I had a total of £2650 worth of equipment covered and the premium last February was just under £170.

In my research I found Coverdrone to be cheaper than other options including Drone Cover Club, I have been with them for the last 2 or 3 years. Fortunately I have not had to make a claim, but vaugely remember someone on here had no issues with making a claim with them.

You can find them at coverdrone.com

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I took out their cover just for third party a week ago. Haven’t seen anything untoward about the company.

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They now do £2,000,000 public liability, efore it was only £1,000,000. I did ask if they did higher when I renewed last year and they said no, maybe a few other people have been asking and they listened.

If we could remind everyone that this thread is mainly about Drone Cover Club.

Other insurance providers should be discussed in a new thread of their own or in the main comparison thread: Hobbyist Drone Insurance Comparison