Drone Scene Updates - November 2021

A new version of Drone Scene has been released :tada:

(Missed the October update? Take a look here!)

What’s new in the November update? :thinking:

Read on!

New Feature

* Air Traffic Control (ATC) contact details are now available in the Flight Restriction Zones layer

– Requested by @macspite and @Sparkyws

We all know it’s perfectly legal to fly in a red FRZ area of the map - if you have permission. Seeking permission has always been the hard part as the contact details for each FRZ are often tricky to find.

We’ve now made it really easy for you!

Simply click on any FRZ area of the map and the contact details will be instantly accessible.

As ever, we’ve made this mobile-friendly so if you’re viewing the map on your phone, clicking on one of the ATC phone numbers on the map will dial the number on your phone for you :slight_smile:

Here’s how Liverpool looks:

And Humberside as another example:

Don’t forget, the contact details are only available in the Flight Restriction Zones layer.

New Feature

* Share your Good 2 Go results!

You’ll all be familiar with Good 2 Go already and we’ve made it even better! We’ve added a new “Share Results” button on the results page:

Clicking the Share Results button then gives you two options:

You can either email a link to the results to yourself for future reference:

Or, you can copy a link to the results and paste it elsewhere.

Which is great for sharing in places like, well, here :smiley:

I’m sure we’ve all encountered someone who thinks they know and understand the new regs (but clearly don’t) so this could be handy if you need to show someone that you’re allowed to fly your particular model of drone under these particular circumstances.

UI / UX Changes:

  • None

Bug Fixes

  • None :tada:

Other Random Stuff

  • None

As ever, please continue to enjoy Drone Scene and please keep those feature requests coming!