Drone skins

Has anyone had a wrap or skin applied to their Mavic Pro?
I’ve been looking at a hi viz skin to help me keep an eye on it.
Only problem is that I’d need to have someone apply it for me. I have some coordination issues since having a couple of strokes.

Check some of these out David :slight_smile:

There are some beauties there, but I just fancy something like fluorescent yellow so I can see it better. The mavic grey just seems to blend in with the sky.
Ideally I need to find a supplier who will do the wrap for me.

Have you thought about adding cree LCD lights to aid with vision.


I’ve been looking at lights as well.

I’m not sure such a thing exists @Abacus - I don’t know how the logistics of it would work either (shipping, etc)

Do you not have a friend or family member you could persuade in return for a few :beer: ?

Where are you? I’d happily do it for you if you are anywhere near kent?

I’ve done mine orange!



I reckon, once the MP has gone a certain distance, colour makes not a lot of difference.
Indeed … the default grey against a typical UK cloud is actually not too bad.

But the thing one looses long before sight of it is the orientation.
The Go4 app obviously resolves this … but a wrap won’t.

Whilst I’m yet to add CREE strobes … they are on my wish list for ease of keeping sight of it.
Coloured ones can also assist with orientation.

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Thanks for the kind offer but I’m in Liverpool.

The colour does help, but as #OzoneVibe says above once a reasonable distance away it has less effect. However its makes spotting in undergrowth in the event of crashing easier to see the wreckage!
I have a white flytron cree LED on the front and a red one on the back, as long as i can see white light It’s pointed roughly in my direction.
Flytron do lenses to narrow the beam too, although I’ve not used any.



The only reason skins are good are cosmetically when you have it grounded but as soon as it up and away spotting be the same no matter the colour, however like said already if you crash-land and need to find the drone bright colours will certainly help.

As you can see I wrapped mine so to find it easier in the growth!!!


I would only put on a bright floresent colour. So in the unfortunate time that it might fly away or remotely land due to low battery. It will be much easier to spot on the ground.

I have a red carbon fibre skin on my Mavic… Unlike on large winged RC aircraft and gliders, due to the Mavic’s size you can’t see it at distance. The mavic just appeares like a black dot. It just looks cool… nothing more (well I think so).

I have a 3d printed red and green extended front landing strut at and a black one on the rear configured as per the strobon LEDs below. These assist with orintation at short distance.

On the odd occasion for safety and visibility (for me and others), I fly using 3 hight power flashing LEDs made by Strobons to asist with visibility… Looking at the Mavic I have a red strobon on the front of the front right arm, a green strobon on the front of front left arm and a white strobon on the rear of the mavic over the status LED. As the mavic rotates, I can assertain orientation at distance. I also sometimes use 2 PGY Tech torches under the mavic as when the craft faces forward you get 2 distinct lights showing.

Note, do not use the metal type torches that mount over the front of the Mavic unless you can pilot without GPS assistance… it partially blocks satellites and you will end up actualy flying the Mavic as it will switch to Atti mode. If you only fly with GPS assistace this will probably not have a good outcome.

Hers is a link to my instagram, the video shows my light setup.

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Strange! The Mavic’s GPS antenna is at the tail end, on top (obv!), just under the shell.

The issues with torches and ATTI mode were down to compass errors.

Adding anything metallic to the mavic changes it’s magnetic signature.

When magnetometer 1 or 2 disagrees with IMU calculated heading it creates an exception and drops into ATTI mode. It’s sometimes not enough to show an error on start-up or take off but is detected first time you yaw the AC

The confusion comes from the way mavic switches to ATTI, by setting satellites to zero.

When adding anything metallic to mavic, always calibrate compass with it in place, it then becomes part of the magnetic signature.


I wasn’t thinking when I wrote that… its as you say a compass error that disables the GPS… I assumed that it was caused by the craft not knowing which way it is orientated to compensate for GPS drift, so fail safes to Atti mode. IMU / compass contradiction makes sense though… I discovered it flying at Weston Park last year in the dark.
I also discovered that flying with my Galaxy S7 is pretty much a no go! It would cause the remote to disconnect regularly and RTH… not good when you took off in the dark next to a tent!

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and now its orange, lol


Tango’d :smiley:

:rofl: you bet

Well I’ve skinned it. It looks better in sunlight.

Drone Wrapz Glasgow