Drones to deliver NHS supplies to Isle of Wight

gov just announced that drones will be used for delivery of medicines to Isle of Wight starting next week. Interesting.



Yes just heard rushed it through so they can do when it’s for them self’s

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The trial will use a petrol-fuelled Windracers Ultra fixed-wing drone, capable of carrying 100kg for up to 1,000km (621 miles).

You’d need some serious eye sight to keep that in LOS :rofl:


More here:


Dunno about that, it’s a serious bit of kit/

Much, much bigger than a hobbyist drone. Get some Mavic Mini pilots in, they seem able to see their craft at seemingly impossible distances according to some of their flight reports :slight_smile:


But! Something might go wrong. The signal might have to get adjusted! That tree or falcon. Or kite may get in the way.
I propose that FPV pilots stand up and put their balls on the line. Get broken Britain fixed. Farm to fork. etc lol

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Trouble is,won’t get many supplies on a Mavic Mini… :wink: :wink: :rofl: :rofl:

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It’s a start but not quite what I was expecting, if that lands in my back garden… haha.

Several times recently the air space near me Thorny Island has been closed for Drone testing, now I know why… last was about three weeks ago…


Yeah the word “drone” is a bit misleading.

“Small aeroplane” would be a more accurate description :blush:

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Yes…. Quite large really, will be flying very close to me near Portsmouth, wonder if they will close air space again…

Just had a look at your profile page, you are very lucky living around that beautiful area and being able to fly it, well, post virus, nothing like that here and if it is it is NT land and computer says no… or F Commission, same thing… hopeless.



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Might be worth seeing if this changes over the coming weeks:

Depends where they launch from, Fleetlands old air site is restricted anyway and that was mentioned, however the test flights were from Thorney Island which had two weeks part close off, pain as it overlapped me…
I’ll get a NOTAM anyway so should know…



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Millions have been given to local councils to trial and to operate these ‘drones’, now its suddenly becoming clear why they don’t want the great unwashed flying off/over council owned land.
They can smell money.


I would of hoped for something a bit more impressive for my £8m than a over sized rc plane :slightly_frowning_face::pleading_face::pensive:

Apparently so!

I asked a question In the US version of this site, about why military drones can operate with no LOS. I got kicked! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If I was answering your question I would say:

A: They are the last bastion of Western Democracy, holding out against the lberals, commies and pinkos

B: Because they can. (Gob less 'Murica!)

C: When have the American military ever worried about where a munition lands? Friendly fire and forget …

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Think Afghanistan, Americans, laser guided missiles, this is what drones are,
We fly multi-rotors :grinning: