Eggborough Power Station Demolition of 4 Towers

Eggborough Cooling Towers Demolition Sunday 1st August 4 Cooling Towers Coming down


Looks like we might have some company @paulmouncer



You could be in and out from there in a nanosecond with your FPV. :stuck_out_tongue:

From another GADC member too :slight_smile:


Tempting, can I get up early enough on a Sunday morning for a two hour drive. :thinking:

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NOTAM in place for flying drones I see


Guilty as charged me Lord, I posted the NOTAM because where I wanted to be was in Chapel Haddlesey, but someone had already beat me to it.
First time I have used the NOTAM system, it is outside the no fly zone for the demolition and should be ok to see the 4 towers fall, just hope the weather is kind

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The NOTAM is a Navigation Warning.

You will have filed a Flight Report.

The large blue circle is the NOTAM and the other, smaller, circles are filed Flight Reports.

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Sorry it’s early just woken, yes the flight report at Temple Hirst is mine, not the main NOTAM, the one at Hensall is encroaching the actual NOTAM and was posted a couple of days after mine, I only fly for recreational use, but I did do my A2 CofC last Friday, so posted the flight report having recced the area first, my parents used to live in Hirst Courtney so I know the area.
I was going to fly from Kellington to the west of the towers, but anyone on the ground won’t have a view of the towers from there

Curious that, albeit tomorrow (Saturday), there’s also this Flight Report posted … :thinking:

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Yes I saw that this morning too, it wasn’t there yesterday, but that is for tomorrow only not Sunday


The NOTAM text on Drone Scene just seems to indicate a navigation warning, not a no-fly zone.

I noticed that. I reckon the demolition company doesn’t know what a NOTAM is, nor a no-fly-zone (which is DJI terminology, after all), and definitely not the differences between the two.


Indeed. Hopefully the police know better given the number of flight reports within the NOTAM area :slight_smile:


I worry they are going to try to block all GPS signals on Sunday now, but I am sure if I stick to just going up and filming, rather than flying towards the towers I should be ok, I can use the built in Zoom of my Air 2S to get nearer.
I worry about those that will encroach the no fly zone posted by the demolition company, they will spoil future flights for all, I have seen a few boasting on local sites that they intend on flying as near as possible, and they wonder why we are getting more and more regulations :frowning:

Those are probably contracted/permitted flights … as has been the case with other demolitions.


Local man keeping quiet :shushing_face:

It isn’t a no-fly zone. It’s a warning for the safety of aircraft.


Checked the DJI Geozones map - on their site. At least there is nothing temporary in place (as if there would be) like there was for the G7.

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