Entry level printer

Is there one? I have no idea how they work, and what they can potentially do, what I do know is that i have a missing plastic part from a suitcase that the maker cannot supply so might see if i can make one with a basic printer setup.
So that’s my question, entry level (much cheapness)
Good day!

There is your first problem :point_up_2:

These things aren’t plug and play :scream:

This is the one I have just acquired which is an entry-level but competent and upgradeable printer

You could design the part and ask someone to print it for you

So, these machines can’t automatically copy what I, for example just take to it, there is also designing?
Lots more user input than i expected.
Like Dragons’ Den, I’m out!
Sticking to drones.

maybe if you have £££££££ to blow on a 3D scanner but even then its not part of the printer. So you’d need both.

as @Sparkyws said these are not plug and play and they are an actual hobby in them selves that require a lot of research and time investment to get the most out of them.

they also take hours to print even the smallest of parts.

Thanks, that’s my previous comments even more reinforced :grinning:

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I got a Creality 6-SE which was fairly plug and play. Two sections to be connected and I was up and running. It has the auto levelling built in and other things like Octoprint I added much later. Sdcard prints get you going!

I’ve a couple, but like previously said they aren’t plug and play… I’ve had them a couple of years and still not got into making drone parts.