Excellent PS tutorials

I’ve always hated photoshop, I find it tedious, boring and difficult to get to grips with. So I have been using the Fun and Friendly Edit Competitions to help me learn new skills while adding an element of fun. While searching the tinterweb I came across Photoshop Essentials I wish I had found this years ago!!!
I have found it very easy to understand and follow the steps, so much so that I’m staggered by the amount I have learned in just two days. It doesn’t just give you the step by steps, it also explains the hows and whys in terms I can easily understand.
It certainly wont be of much use to the seasoned PS guys in here, but if you’re pretty new to it and struggling I would really recommend having a look.


I’ll be checking them out @mynameisjoe as I’m a newbe too PS, which is what many nights have consisted of over the last few weeks :sleeping:, not a lot to show for it yet, but hopefully when the weather improves to get some decent footage, which hopefully deserves the time & effort to put the editing too test.

Useful to have bookmarked and refer to later.

I think the problem with pending too much time on those sort of things is you overthink stuff or apply way more stuff than you need too.

Have an idea of what exactly it is you want to achieve and just do that.

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Sounds just like me, Yepp I agree with


That’s the problem for me. If I was in my smelly old darkroom I knew what I wanted and how to do it. On the computer I know what I want to do, but clueless as to the how. Simple things like using gradient map adjustment layers instead of a straight desaturate. Another one I’ve really struggled with is why when I preview my image for printing, the screen size never matched the actual print size. Now I know from the above site that PS uses 72ppi as default, and that after following their instructions I have found that my screens resolution is 125.35ppi. Now thats set in PS my print preview size matches the actual output size.

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Bookmarked. Thanks

Bookmarked as well, thanks for that!

This was the nearest topic I could find without starting a new thread, which relates to photo shop,
Does anyone kindly know, firstly I’ve looked everywhere before posting, I found one video which you can’t understand the guy, due to a language barrier, the other video was in silence which moves so fast I could not see what he was doing,

Probably very easy for someone who knows, I believe these 3 settings are under one setting possibly, I’m looking in photo shop for :

Exposure Offset & Gamma, I think those 3 settings are under one setting but as emphasised I can’t find it, any point in the right direction would be much appreciated, also is this setting only available in the 2nd window of photoshop ? Or is it also available in the camera raw window or first window ? Or both does anyone know, again I’m struggling too find this, which is probably staring straight at me,
Many thanks in advance ……

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Hi, these are the three parameters (sliders) for the exposure adjustment layer, I can grab. Screenshot when I’m near my pc.

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Many many thanks mate :+1:t2:

Is this what you are looking :eyes: for

I’ll take a look Wayne, thanks mate.

I think that’s pretty much what I’m looking for thankyou, when I first stumbled across it, which as above I said I could not find it, this, or what ever I clicked on took me straight to the pic as below :

So, I’m wondering if there is a shortcut that takes you straight too just that above, I’ll be totally honest, I only stumbled across it by luck call it, so I’m wondering if there is a shortcut straight too that, if not it does not matter, I will follow the steps as above, so thankyou for that, we’ll appreciated I’ll save that as a doc & try to work it out from there, I’m guessing / hoping the entering for the settings is the same for a Mac as per windows pc.

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Many thanks, I’ll take a look at those….

I saved all those thanks, a lot of info there :+1:t2:

Sorry too ask another question, I hope it’s ok to attach too this thread as per previous, after watching endless YT tutorials over the last few days, has kinda confused me more than helped, all I’m looking for if anyone would know of a link kindly, if I’m correct in what I’m looking for is luminosity masks, I think the idea of this is, to be able to edit different parts of the image without affecting the other parts that already look good or ok, or edit the whole image attacking the areas without blowing everything out, this is in photosho btw, most of the links I’ve found either have a language barrier or there working so fast even pausing it does not help, I emphasise I’m not looking for a miracle, Just if anyone can point me in the direction of as above to learn the basics, if what I have explained as to what I am trying to achieve is incorrect using luminosity masks, could you please kindly let me know, I would really appreciate some thoughts if possible, just a simple understanding link would be excellent, many thanks in advance.

Mate stop the YT thing and start reading about PS

There is a vast amount of info out there but it’s not a quick fix

This was the first search

You can even do online courses

Stop watching shite YT it’s click bait crap

Maybe a good book

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Thanks Wayne, I’ll read that, what I am trying to achieve was just the quick fix ( not quick results ) on where too access the tool / tools if that makes sense, I thought maybe watching someone access the right tool box call it lol, I’d know where or how too find what I’m looking for, thanks for your help, I’m not looking for an instant Picasso :smiley: just looking how to as said above….
Again thankyou

Photoshop is a professional tool, that takes years to perfect

Professionals will be still learning and perfecting years and years later as the software evolves

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