Fake SanDisk SDXC 128gb Extreme MicroSD memory cards

Just received this from ebay. From a seller with tons of 100% feedback.
Its definitely fake. Weird syntax, sandisk website has comma seperators, front package pixelated. Barcode scan on the reverse goes nowhere…

Am I correct?

The printing on the card itself doesn’t look great.

Some interesting info here: https://www.happybison.com/reviews/how-to-check-and-spot-fake-micro-sd-card-8/

And you can always call up Sandisk customer support and they’d tell you if the serial is fake or not.

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Thanks, I am so DONE with eBay. Where can I go to get a card that is 100% genuine?

Amazon is your best bet (directly sold by Amazon though as not all Marketplace traders are trustworthy).


I don’t know what you paid for your eBay one, but the same card is on Amazon for £19.


Ok, just bought this one instead. Thank you!

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Interestingly enough I just put the card through a testing program. It writes to 117gb. 94kb error upon verification of written files. It also reads and writes much faster than either my Fuji card and 3 times faster than my genuine sandisk extreme…odd.

Sorry you got scammed mate, but thanks for sharing the photos, it might prevent others being caught out too.

As above, I too would only ever buy from either a high street shop (Argos et al), or Amazon direct.

Chase up the seller and paypal, they’ll cover you under buyer protection


Run h2testw to find out read/write speeds on cards to find out if they really are the real thing.

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