Filters for M2P

Any recommendations for filter set for M2P, it just seems there’s a lot of variation in price between the likes of pgytech, polarpro and numerous other makes.
I know generally you get what you pay for but ref @chrisjohnbaker filters makes difference…:slightly_smiling_face:

Possibly a bit of overkill on my part but I purchased 3 sets for my M2P to give me options. I have the official DJI set (NDs 4, 8, 16 & 32) Skyreat (NDs 4, 8 & 16 but also with a fixed PL) and a set of long exposure photo NDs from PolarPro (NDs 128, 256 & 1000). As you say, there are lots to choose from but I would make any choice based on what you think your needs are along with great reviews from other users/owners and of course price.


There was some previous discussion for the M2Z which may be partly relevant: ND filter recommendations for Mavic 2 Zoom


This may help too :

Ive got the Version 2 of Skyreats ND4,8,16 filters which come with 3 adjustable PL filters (ND4, 8 & 16). Theyve done the job so far. :+1:


Thanks fo the input guys :smile:
Was torn between polar pro and sky treat, settled finally on the skytreat 6 filter set off amazon £74.81 that will get me started.


Nice one Rob.

Having had me M2P for less than 2 months and it being my first drone, I couldnt quite justify the £150+ cost of the Polar Pro ND’s so was looking for something of a balance and the Skyreat ones seems to have had decent enough reviews so opted for them and they’ve spot on so far.

Could do with a 32 or 64 one and some long exposure filters soon enough though.


Hi Everyone. I’m looking to buy a decent set of filters for my Mavic Pro 2. Before I buy, does anyone have experience of a particular manufacturer? Any better than others in your experience?

On the use of a polarising filter for shots of lakes etc. Has anyone used one? When you use a polariser on a standard camera, you have to rotate the bezel to see the effect of the filter on the scene and then press the shutter when you are happy. With a drone, does the filter need to be rotated in the same way? Does this mean that you have to land the drone, rotate the filter and guess that you have it right before taking off again and trying to recompose the shot? How does this work?

Thanks in advance as ever chaps.

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I have a set for my Mavic 2 Pro, firstly i have to confess that when i first went to use them I could not remove the bezel from the front to save my life !.
Come to think about it, I did not know how it removed !.
I had to wait till i got home and “Youtubed” it !!.
(you have to push and turn to the left a little, as it fits on with 4 small lugs)
I always when setting my Polarizing Filter up, check on the phone/tablet to make sure (before take off) that you are getting the right effect that you want.

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Thank you. I did have a search but didn’t see this post.

Has anything changed in the last 8 months guys?

Anyone give me a heads up re the use of the polariser?

Thanks @chrisjohnbaker but surely that changes once you compose the shot in the air?

It sometime does, but you can normally get the darkness of the sky and reflections/glare from water, fairly much right on the ground.
It still can be a bit hit and miss all said and done.

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You’ve opened Pandora’s box :slight_smile:

I have an M2P and think filters are essential but some of the other members don’t agree so fair warning in case you get some comments from the filter nudists!

Started off with a set of 6 x Freewell PL filters - thought they were great. Broke my ND4 in a freak fog incident last year and having won the Treasure hunt last year, spent my winnings on a set of PGYTech filters which seem great too.

PL Filters screwed up several attempts to get smooth pano’s as some filters seem to mess up the stitching. See post where I asked about this

HI Joe

I have set of the polarising lenses for my M2P from Skyreat and they seem to do decent enough job. The fliter does rotate however as log as the markers line up, the polarising affect should be just where you need it to be.

I was looking at some new variable ND filters for the M2P from Freewell as they give some fab flexibility and mean your M2p is armed with a myriad of options without swapping the filters.

I’ve not yet purchased but do plan on doing at somepoint.

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Cheers @Lozzer. I’m going up to Scotland in May and do quite a lot of long exposure photography which would be impossible without a decent ND filter set.

@sunstone thanks for that. I hadn’t seen those.

I was erring towards the Skyreat set before I posted. They seem to represent best value for the quality.

I watched quite a few YT vids at the time on them to be sure and Ive been more than happy with them. :smiley:

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Ah right. I’m guessing the mark is optimal setting for a perfect 90 deg (from the sun) shot which would give you maximum polarising effect.

Thats the one :+1:


I use Skyreats on my M2Z, no complaints but I’ve not had any others on there to compare them with!