FINALLY the Mavic 3 in My hands!

Good Evening all,

Well finally I managed to get my hands on the Mavic 3.

Some will be haters, some will be advocates, but IMHO, I think that this makes a move much like the DSLR market did some years ago, where it separated armatures with ‘Semi-Pro’ with this upgrade.

Now I am not saying that this is going to be for everyone and I have yet to truly give this a good shakedown, the Damn DHL delivery driver left me to last on his list!

Here is what I have observed from opening the parcel.

The build quality is certainly a step up from the Mavic Mini and other previous Mavic range, it feels and is heavier, but the build quality just feels a little upgraded when its in your hands.

The updating of the Firmware is rather annoying as it was shipped right from DJI, and having to update the 365MB took about 10-15 mins to complete.

The vey quick test flight is a little light drizzle was very interesting, I merely took it up and actioned very few manoeuvres, as I would like to spend more time with it tomorrow. However first observations are:

  • The response time is FAST it is might sensitive - and possibly why people are experiencing crashes at times, as the remote is very responsive with the drone.

  • The remote ergonomically feels weird! I am sure that I will get used to it, but is a new sensations ergonomically and it feels like it needs more grip.

  • The camera is AWESOME - I can’t wait to try it in the daylight, but the nighttime video (which I will uploads ASAP) is pretty damn good.

  • The downloading of the video file (2mins ish - 689MB) took about 15 mins! Why I have no idea, I have not made any setting changes but this was from phone to drone!, I was more than shocked at that!

Overall I was very impressed. The bag and the extra batteries and filters all are great and I am charging away to try and get the drone up in the morning for another series of flights and see how it responds.

Yes the price tag is hefty, and I am sure building my own, and or alternatives are an option, but as my third drone, and still after 7 years of playing around with drones this is something I wanted to invest in and use for my business and for my son (soon to be film uni student) to have a good product to try it with.


Nice review :+1:


Nice one, can I ask… does it bank corners or turn like the older Mavic 2?

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Good review, and well done on your purchase

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I don’t think there are any haters of the Mavic 3, most people were simply disappointed :confused:

Not yet… You’re the only one here who owns one :rofl:

I would hope so too, it costs four times as much. How does the build quality compare to its predecessor? Or it’s competitors?

Out of the box firmware updates are standard for DJI, nothing to fear there :+1:t2:

Did you need to transfer the video to your phone? No computer with SD card reader? :thinking:

Very much looking forward to seeing some real world pictures and videos taken with the new camera, it’s got a lot to live up to :blush:

Thanks for sharing @WarMonkey - keep the updates coming!


And don’t forget to post your top speed :wink: you will defiantly be getting a speed badge :grinning:


You can be the first M3 on the Breaking the speed limit leader-board. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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#GMTA. :+1:

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You say the build quality is a step up from other mavics, which ones are you comparing it to, as my impression of the mavic 2 pro and zoom is the quality is bloody good.
Looking forward to your future thoughts on the camera.


This is what I’m most interested in hearing too :+1:

I am not sure on banking as yet - the test that I did was simply and up and down. I will let you know.

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Certainly will update again in the morning once I have had a better chance to get about and fly and test some more. :slight_smile:

Ha ha ha I will give it a go - I need to sign up for the drone flight plan service I saw the other day on the site, I need to dig out what it was.

To be honest the first impression is Amazing!!! I will try and put the video up tomorrow morning, showing what I filmed. It shocked me being that good and in the dark of night. I will be looking to test in the morning further.


For 5 times the cost it wants to be ;o)


Hi All,

Quick 1 Min flight video from this morning, can be found here:

Some small things I have noticed:

  • Low level flying it did move a fair bit, it was not as steady as I thought
  • High level flying it was good
  • Birds don’t care about drones
  • The camera is out of this world! I was a little worried that this was going to let me down, but this just made the ££ worth it.
  • Downloading direct to computer from the Mavic 3 is VERY Fast!

I will test speed and the other modes shortly, but I have put a link in to the short video from the test flight.


Can you share a RAW file with us too please @WarMonkey ?

Keep the updates coming!


:nauseated_face: Those pigeons

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Care to test that theory in a particular location I know where the gulls are decidedly anti-drones?


I will the un-edited file uploaded to a share folder when I get a chance :slightly_smiling_face:

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