Finally took the bird out at night

Mixed thoughts about the results.

It was very windy, but I’m pleased with the results for a first try.

It was Cromer lighthouse with the town and the pier in the background.


Cool pics!

They also add the Night Flyer Badge to your profile! :+1:


Good job @Mind_the_gap its bloody hard taking night shots! :+1:t2:

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Thank you very much.:blush:

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Thank you. It is very hard indeed. I found a clear spot and tried to do a flyby hyper laps, but to use the tracking did not work very well at night.
I should of done the waypoint on the daytime and repeat then at night. Well, c’est la vie.

You live and learn.

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Get out and give it another go with the waypoints when you get a chance. I bet that would look awesome :ok_hand:

I am afraid that I am back at home. I was in Cromer only holidaying. I will have to try it maybe on the Pitstone windmill if it has some kind of lighting.

Well done still haven’t plucked up the courage to do it worried about it not coming back.

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To be fair I didn’t go very far and I took a very aparece area. The Mavic Air 2 has some small leds on all 4 arms making it easy to see. And if that wasn’t enough. It also has a very bright led light strait down to see where you are landing.

I think to find a quiet spot is the way to go. Avoiding people, structures, electric pylons and trees.
I had a bit of a “recon mission” in daytime to make sure there wasn’t anything in the way.

If you decide to go for it, do please let us know how it was.

Your drone does not know its night time ;o)

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Does RTH still work ok when it’s dark

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It’s all done by GPS. Wait for the magic words “your home point has been updated” and off you go.

The second part is the most important, ‘Please check it on the map’


I never actually paid attention to it. Trusting blindly the GPS (:man_facepalming:).

Does auto focus work at night

This cameras does not have a focus section. It is a fixed, so the only blur that I can see on my pics are due to the wind.

Maybe someone else can explain it better than me how it works.

I believe the MA 2 does not have any kind of manual focus control, so everything (normally) from around 0.5m to infinity should be in focus.

However the lens is ‘tricked’ on a night if it sees anything bright in the frame it will hunt for focus on that thinking that it is closer, this throws the rest of the frame out of focus. On the MP and M2P you can turn off auto focus which eliminates this.

The following is quite useful…

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You might want to read this:

And then pay more attention :rofl:

I do :grimacing:

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